Comedic star Ed Helms plays a ‘local legend’ in new Peacock series Rutherford Falls, watch trailer


The team behind shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place and Parks and Recreation have unveiled a trailer for their upcoming NBC show called Rutherford Falls, which will stream on NBC’s streaming partner Peacock.

The trailer of the upcoming series sees Ed Helms at the, well, ‘helm’ of things in a small town called Rutherford Falls. Things are not going too well for the folks of this town, by the looks of the clip. So far, the tone of the show seems quite predictable — that of small town chaos giving room for plenty of situational comedy. But if done well, even the most mundane and predictable things can seem unfamiliar, and I mean that in the best sense of the term.

Rutherford Falls especially holds more promise because it has an experienced artiste like Ed Helms at the centre of things. Helms has previously shown his comedic skills in projects like The Hangover movies, The Office (US version) and The Daily Show among other things.

The official synopsis of Rutherford Falls reads, “A small town in the Northeast and the Native American reservation it borders are turned upside down when local legend and town namesake, Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms), fights the moving of a historical statue. Rutherford Falls is created and executive produced by Michael Schur, Ed Helms, and Sierra Teller Ornelas, and stars Jana Schmieding, Michael Greyeyes, Jesse Leigh, and Dustin Milligan. Mike Falbo, David Miner, and Morgan Sackett also serve as executive producers.”

Rutherford Falls will start steaming on Peacock from April 22 onwards.

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