Chinese Man Left With Tapeworms in Brain After Eating Undercooked Meat

If you are a meat lover, make sure you cook your meat well before eating. A Chinese construction worker was found hosting hundreds of tapeworms in his brain. He was suspected to have got the parasites after eating undercooked pork and mutton. The man is reportedly in his 40’s and he rushed to hospital after suffering from severe headaches and seizures. 

Zhu (a pseudonym), from Luzhou in eastern Zhejiang province, reportedly ate pork and mutton cooked in a hot broth. After a few days, Zhu complained of dizziness and headaches. While sleeping, Zhu experienced seizure-like symptoms, similar to epilepsy.

A CT scan at a nearby hospital showed “intercranial calcifications” and lesions in his skull. Upon further deterioration in health, Zhu finally went to the Zhejiang University hospital. Doctors performed an MRI scan. He was suffering from ‘neurocysticercosis’ — tapeworms in the brain, the diagnosis revealed.

The doctors then removed the tapeworms from his brain to reduce pressure on his brain and Zhu has since recovered.

Neurocysticercosis is a parasitic infection contracted when someone swallows tapeworm eggs passed in the faeces of another person with intestinal tapeworm. The larvae crawl out of the eggs and into the muscle and brain tissues, where they form cysts — like the “calcifications” observed in Zhu’s CT scans.

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