Chilli Paneer, Chilli Chicken And More: 7 Fiery Indo-Chinese Starters You Can Not Miss This Winter

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Winter months are made for spicy, hot snacks and meals. During this time of the year, most of us crave dishes that are loaded with flavours. Heavy use of spices is also recommended since they help keep the body warm during the bone-chilling December and January. And, if you are someone who is underprepared for the winter season, then worry not. There are several Indian-Chinese style appetizers or starters that you can have for lunch or dinner and as snacks during the evening. Whether it is a house-warming party or family get-together or even birthdays, they always work. And, people of all age groups like the fusion of Indian ingredients with the Chinese style of cooking.

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Here is a list of some Indian-Chinese, often also called Indo-Chinese, style food items that you should try this winter.

1.Chilli Paneer Dry

Loved by children and adults, this dish is popular at restaurants and food joints across north India. A spicy paneer recipe, it can stand alone or be served with a bowl of rice.

Chilli paneer dry recipe

2.Schezwan Style Chilli Potatoes 

This mouth-watering appetizer can be prepared within minutes on demand at home. It makes for a good side dish to go with vegetable fried rice or Hakka noodles.

3.Chilli Baby Corn

Crunchy, crispy and wonderfully flavoured, this delicious starter is a bright and bold dish. Fried pieces of baby corn are dipped in a mixture of spicy and sweet sauce. Lip-smacking.


Baby corn chilli is delicious 

4.Dry Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian

The versatile dish can be served as a starter or with the main course. One of the most-loved vegetables available in India, cauliflower is full of nutrition and low on carbs.

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5.Mushroom Manchurian 

For those who have a soft corner for mushrooms, this is a must-try recipe. It’s excellent with bread, vegetable fried rice or even rotis.

6. Boneless chilli chicken 

Boneless chicken pieces, marinated in soy sauce, chilli sauce, pepper powder etc, are a sure shot way to win your guests approval.


Try this easy spicy chilli chicken recipe

7.Chicken Lollypop

A lip-smacking appetizer made with drummettes or whole chicken wings. Chicken wings are coated with a batter of ginger-garlic paste and then fried to perfection.

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