Chief Of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat Says Overflow Of Afghanistan Situation Can Happen In Jammu And Kashmir

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Gen Bipin Rawat said every citizen should be educated about internal security. (File)


Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said on Saturday that “overflow” of the situation in Afghanistan can happen in Jammu and Kashmir and “we have to prepare for it”.

“What is happening in Afghanistan, we know its overflow can happen in Jammu and Kashmir, We have to prepare for it, seal our borders, monitoring has become very important. We have to keep an eye on who’s coming from outside, checking should be done,” Gen Rawat said on the sidelines of an event in Guwahati.

He also said that common people and tourists have to face the burden of heavy checking and they should understand that it’s for their safety and security.

Talking about internal security, he said that every citizen should be educated about it.

“Nobody will come to our defence, we have to defend ourselves, defend our people, and defend our property. Internal security is very much, a concern for us and in order to defend, I think we must actually educate our people about internal security,” Gen Rawat said.

“If every person living in this region, living anywhere in the country understands his/her duty, you will find we will be able to take care of internal security,” he added.

He also called upon people to fulfil their duties towards internal security.

“If every citizen plays his and her part, you can deal with the situation. People come and live in your neighbourhood, you must know who lives in your neighbourhood. No terrorist can stay in our neighbourhood if we are agile. Every citizen should question if they feel suspicious about anyone and inform the local police about it,” he said.

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