Chelsea Houska to Jenelle Evans: Why Are You So Obsessed With Me, Loser?

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Even though Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2 last year, she still finds herself embroiled in the petty drama that makes the show so entertaining and infuriating.

Chelsea was the most popular Teen Mom, and she’s always gotten along with most of her co-stars, but it only takes one trash-talker to drag you into a public feud against your will.

And we probably don’t need to tell you who that trash-talker is.

Yes, Jenelle Evans has been attacking Chelsea every chance she gets as part of her increasingly desperate effort to remain relevant.

Earlier this week, she went on the offensive against Houska simply because the South Dakota resident has been posting pics in which she and her family appear to be happy.

Apparently, Jenelle thinks families should look miserable all the time.

Jenelle Is Injured

That philosophy certainly explains a lot about the way she runs her household!

Evans went off unprovoked, having apparently flown into a rage after seeing a photo of Chelsea enjoying the company of her husband and children — something that Jenelle has probably never done.

“Yeah it sucks some people try to act like their lives are picture perfect and scared to put down their pride to make their loves relatable and admit their flaws,” Jenelle wrote alongside pics and memes of Chelsea.

Jenelle vs. Chelsea

“Some girls act like they’re a Stepford wife. And yes I will hold a grudge and always make it known,” she added, seemingly referencing her long-standing feud with Chelsea.

When fans called Jenelle out for sipping a bit too much Haterade, she did what she always does and got super defensive.

“Who exactly am I tearing down when it was facts and no name calling?” she asked in response to comments asking why she’s so fixated on Chelsea.

Chelsea and Cole in 2021

“What was so offensive I said [sic]?” Evans asked.

We think that garbled semi-sentence is Jenelle’s way of asking what she said about Chelsea that was so offensive.

And when people answered her question, she’ll just hinted that she has the dirt on Chelsea without ever offering any specifics.

That’s the problem with Jenelle — she thinks she’s smart enough to be a con artist, but she’s sorely mistaken.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

“There is nothing to expose,” a source close to Chelsea tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“Jenelle wants people to believe she knows all these deep, dark secrets about Chelsea but it’s simply not true. Jenelle barely knows Chelsea,” the insider adds.

“They saw each other a few times a year for a few hours, if that. Especially in the later years [of the show], Jenelle was off being involved in whatever drama she was causing.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

“She knows nothing about Chelsea’s personal life or Chelsea’s relationship with Cole,”

Jenelle eventually deleted her anti-Chelsea posts and claimed that she was merely trying to make a point about how life isn’t perfect … or something.

 “Lmfao no one’s perfect and life isn’t perfect. Sorry to inform everyone the truth. I know it hurts,” she wrote.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer and Walker

“Again back to my point – life isn’t perfect and no one should act like their s**t don’t stink…Yeah every typical ‘picture perfect family’ on IG isn’t 100 percent flawless…Not talking about one individual but more like a stereotype and group of people.”

But Jenelle wasn’t able to keep that charade up for very long, and she eventually abandoned the general commentary and returned to specific trash talk directed at Houska.

“Yeah it sucks some people try to act like their lives are picture perfect and scared to put down their pride to make their loves relatable and admit their flaws,” Jenelle said.

Jenelle & Chelsea

“Some girls act like they’re a Stepford wife,” she added.

“And yes I will hold a grudge and always make it known … If you have personally been a complete bitch to me for years and can’t simply be nice then no, I will never like you as a person.”

Needless to say, that’s a lot of animosity directed at someone whom Jenelle hasn’t spoken to in years.

Huge Milk Boobs

“Chelsea and Jenelle have not seen each other or spoken in literally years,” The Ashley’s source continued.

“For Jenelle to insinuate that she knows the ‘real’ Chelsea, or anything about how she is today, is ridiculous. Even during the early years of the show, they spent minimal time together. It’s laughable that Jenelle keeps trying to make it seem like Chelsea has this deep, dark past,” the insider went on.

Chelsea’s associate concluded with a mic drop moment that will hopefully encourage Jenelle to keep all future commentary to herself:

Cole and Chelsea on Camera

“At this point, Chelsea just thinks it’s creepy that Jenelle is constantly talking about her, even though they haven’t been around each other in years, and Chelsea has never responded to anything Jenelle has said about her,” the source said.

“Chelsea knows Jenelle lives for the drama and wants her to fight back. Chelsea doesn’t care enough.”

Most people would be shamed into shutting up at that point — but as Jenelle has demonstrated many times, she has absolutely zero shame.

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