Can’t find a toilet? Don’t worry, wet jeans is a thing now

2021 has become the year of weird fashion. Anything out of the box is going viral, and utility is the last thing that some of the international designers are paying heed to. But hey, don’t we love trying new things out? If you too like bizarre fashion, then here’s a piece of clothing for you!

It’s time to expand your closets, all you denim lovers. A denim trend is taking over the internet and it’s unbelievable. We’ve all seen tattered denims, dirty denims but now it’s time to flaunt wet denims.

An international denim brand has actually designed jeans that have what seems like a natural wet spot. Anyone flaunting these would make one feel that they have actually wetted their pants.

The website of the brand ‘Wet Pants Denim’, defines its jeans as, “Wet Pants Denim delivers the appearance of authentic urinary incontinence without the commonly experienced discomfort. Wet Look, Dry Feel.”

Wet Pants Denim’s anonymous CEO told Mel Magazine, “Some folks have a fetish wherein they pee their pants because they like the way it looks. There’s an obvious downside to this, though, in that you’re inevitably wet for hours. I wanted to provide a solution to those underserved consumers, so that they no longer had to be wet, and could have a sustained ‘wet pants’ look as long as they please.”

According to the company’s CEO, Instagram as an advertising platform has helped the brand to target a certain demographic. “I’ve been going for young adults in major cities with interests in fashion, online shopping and other similar interests. It’s been a good experiment, from a branding perspective, to see which garner the most active engagement, and we’re always learning,” the CEO told Mel Magazine.

Here’s what the netizens had to say about the trend:

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