Canada Mans Reaction To A Closed Restaurant Has Left The Internet In Splits

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We have often heard tales of people going to great lengths for their loved ones, family members and pets. But what do you think is the most that one can do for food? Will you walk through a snowstorm? Well, the common answer to this is going to be a clear no! However, if you thought that would be the only answer to the question, you are mistaken. A recent funny video that has surfaced on Instagram, shows a man from Canada walking through knee-deep snow just so he could go to his favourite restaurant. But wait, there’s more! The man not only reaches the restaurant in these harsh conditions but is met with a heart-breaking sight of the restaurant being closed. What he did next has been cracking up the internet for days now!

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A man from Ontario, Canada, was on the path to a Caribbean restaurant named ‘Nicey’s Eatery’ only to find that the restaurant was shut due to a storm. The man dramatically falls to his knees in disappointment! After he does manage to get himself up, he can be seen half-heartedly walking away from the restaurant. The video was captured by the restaurant’s CCTV camera and posted on their official Instagram page.

The restaurant even offered the guy a free meal seeing his dedication to braving off a storm to come to the restaurant. They captioned the post, “To our loyal customer, we don’t know who you are but we will be looking out for you. We are terribly sorry the restaurant was closed. We feel your disappointment and hope to see you soon. Whatever you had on your mind to purchase today, that meal is on us.”. Look at the video here:

The video has resonated with foodies worldwide and the mystery man has been receiving a lot of sympathies since. The man in the video hasn’t been found yet and the comments left on the video are all in support of him. One of the top comments left on the video read “I really really hope he Follows you on IG and see this!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE WHERE ARE YOU?” to which nicey’s replied, “we are still waiting.”

The video struck a chord with viewers from all over the world and thousands of people have commented how they can feel the man’s pain. “I can see his soul crumbling” read one comment, while the other read “Nothing better than a good Caribbean meal to soothe the soul on a cold wintery day! Feel you bro”.

“He has walked all the way from the heavy snow, just to find out his favourite restaurant has been closed. I feel so bad that I was laughing and also feeling sad at the same time for him. Totally can relate if this happen to me.”, read another comment.

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Obviously, the food has received many for getting a man to do such an unbelievable task for a bite, one of the comments left on the video were “Now I must try your food ! If he went that hard for a plate. I must try!” and the other was “Awwww.. This is next level disappointment ! This goes to show how incredible the food AND service is though!”.

“Now I want to eat here too”, “Just shows how good the food is” and “My husband and I are definitely trying out your food because of this man” were some other comments left for the food of the restaurant.

What is the most that you have ever done for your favourite restaurant’s food? Let us know in the comments below.

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