Can Keto diet ‘protect’ you from Coronavirus?

With a sharp rise in the number of Coronavirus cases across the global (the figure has touched 1,15,000 now), people are increasingly looking up to treatments and cures to keep themselves protected against COVID-19.

While there are a lot of theories floating on the internet about what works (and what definitely doesn’t help), people are on the lookout to find foods and diets which can help beat the risk. And, if some reports are to go by, a popular diet plan, Ketogenic diet has been backed as potential protection against coronavirus infection. Baffled? Here’s why!

What do the studies say?

Although the keto diet comes with its own share of pros and cons, it has been branded as an effective way to recharge your immune system and fight influenza symptoms. The diet which centres around eating low-carb, high-fat food has been trending on social media because of a recent study which claimed that Keto diet can work by “trapping” flu virus, and ergo, could potentially block the novel coronavirus as well.

The study, which was published in the journal, Science Immunology, pointed out that the cells, once powered by Keto work by enhancing mucus production in the body and hence beat out the flu and related symptoms. In fact, the study also mentions that prolonged practice of Keto diet may even help make the body immune to several types of viruses, including coronavirus. Earlier studies have also found some evidence which suggests that the Keto diet may also block the formation of inflammasomes, which are harmful immune system activators.

But, can it help?

This claim is another proof that one shouldn’t simply go about reading everything you see on the internet. Even though following the Ketogenic diet can be good to cut down on your carbs, lose weight and maintain a healthy body, there is no sure shot proof that Keto is a form of defence against the novel Coronavirus.

Most supporters and researchers who are relying on Keto as the coronavirus protector are basing evidence on the old study, which was done on mice, and not humans for one. Research is still underway and there is no scientific evidence behind the same.

Simply said, there is no one diet plan or eating habit which can boost your immunity or protect you from diseases and this includes Ketogenic diet foods.

What can you eat then?

Till date, there is no effective cure insight to fight or treat the novel coronavirus strain or one foolproof food which can fight the virus. While coronavirus symptoms mainly present themselves as a harsh cold, flu or respiratory infection symptoms, the foods you should be actually stocking up on are immunity-boosting foods (particularly rich in vitamin C, zinc) and the ones which help bring down a fever. Apart from that, rest, recovery and practising necessary hygiene is the only way to recover from coronavirus and prevent the infection from spreading.

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