Burger Singh Adds A Desi Tadka To The Classic Burger Giving Drool Worthy Food At Home

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A juicy patty layered with fresh veggie lathered it in flavour sauces and sealed together with soft and fluffy burger buns, just thinking about burgers can make us salivate! Who doesn’t love burgers? Albeit burgers are an American delicacy, we Indians have fallen in love with the classic and made it our own. Culinary enthusiasts have conducted experiments to create dishes that take on the best of burgers and combine them with our favourite desi flavours. So, if you are someone who loves burgers and Indian food, then we have found the ideal place for you and it is Burger Singh.

Burger Singh offers delicious burgers with a desi twist at the comfort of your home. The menu is filled with delicious burgers and fries and we had the pleasure to try some out. From the burgers, we tried a variety of veg and non-veg burgers. In the veg burgers, we had the Bunty Papped Da Aloo and Veg United States of Punjab Jr. The Bunty Papped Aloo has a crispy and crunchy patty that is soft and delicious on the inside. The Veg United States of Punjab offered a desi masaledaar taste to the classic veg burger.

In the non-veg burgers, we tried the Chicken United States of Punjab, Big Crispy and Chicken Pind-er. The chicken patties very soft and scrumptious, if you like a crispy chicken patty then we suggests you go for Big Crispy. If you are someone who favours Punjabi spicy masalas then Chicken United States of Punjab Jr is an excellent choice. The Chicken Pind-er offers a chatpata flavour to the masaledaar burger.


On the side, we enjoyed Moroccan Fries and Classic Salted Fries. If you are someone who prefers masala on the fries, then Moroccan Fries is for you but if you prefer simple fries then we suggest you go for the Salted Fries. The burgers had the perfect blend of Indian spice that had us salivating and the fries were crispy and delicious.

So, if you have been looking for desi burgers to enjoy at home, then you can try out the delicious burgers from a Burger Singh near you!

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