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Built-in Duotone Image Filter, Editor Navigation via Persistent List View, and Other Block Editor Improvements

The next batch of exciting updates to the block editor is live on WordPress.com. Powerful duotone image editing, a persistent list view to edit your page or post, and an update for picking table colors are all ready for you to build and improve the look of your site. Let’s take a closer look.

Built-in duotone image filter

Duotone is a much anticipated feature that allows you to choose between any two colors for an image’s shadows and highlights. Think black and white photos, but in any color combo of your choosing. What was once the power of standalone image-editing software is now at your fingertips in the block editor.

Establish a consistent tone across your site’s images or draw your audience’s eye with a catchy color combo for a big post.

Try it out by adding an Image or Cover block, select “Apply duotone filter” from the floating block menu, and experiment by choosing colors.

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Editor navigation via persistent List View

Level-up your editing game by selecting the List View in the top menu bar—this displays the entire block structure of your page or post. It’s essentially a Table of Contents of all the blocks currently in use. List View is now persistent, meaning it will remain expanded in the sidebar as you edit. 

This update will vastly improve the navigation of complex content and the editing of nested blocks.

And there’s a bonus! Anchors added to blocks are also shown in this List View for easy identification.

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Customize your Table colors

Background and text colors are easily edited within the Table block for a more consistent feel across your site.

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Keep building, keep exploring

Your feedback is crucial to expanding the block editor’s capabilities, so keep it coming. Watch here for more updates, and in the meantime, go forth and create!

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