Bubble Chocolate Recipe: Recreate This Chocolate From Your Favourite Brand

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Bubble chocolate, or more popularly known as ‘bubbly chocolate’, has become a fad ever since mainstream media got to know of it. The reason why people are so interested in it is because of its bubbly texture. It looks like a bar made of chocolate bubbles, making it more appetising and appealing. The texture not only looks delicious but it is the reason why the chocolate melts in your mouth. Also known as aerated chocolate, the bubbly texture of the chocolate occurs due to exposure to certain gases (like carbon dioxide) to create the bubbles using chocolate. However, we don’t need that much technical assistance to recreate this delicacy! We have found an easy recipe that will help you create your own bubble chocolate bar at home.

Use chocolate compound over chocolate.

How To Make Bubble Chocolate: 

As complicated as bubble chocolate might sound, it is super easy to make! It uses ingredients that are available easily at your supermarket. You will need coffee powder, compound chocolate, sugar, citric acid and water. Compound chocolate is different from regular chocolate, the former is vegetable oil-based and the latter cocoa butter based. It is this difference that makes it easier to use compound chocolate. You do not need to temper it, unlike chocolate. Citric acid can be anything, from lemon juice to orange juice.

Start by grating the compound chocolate. Then, put a pan on the heat and add sugar and water. Mix it till it becomes a sugar syrup. Once the solution starts to boil, add citric acid and coffee, mix it. Add the chocolate shaving and mix till bubbles start forming in the mixture. Immediately transfer the chocolate mixture into a mould and put the mould in the freezer. Once the chocolate is set, the bubble chocolate is ready!

Click here for the full recipe of Bubble Chocolate.

Try this recipe and tell us how you liked it!

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