BTS – MAMA Speech 2018 Reaction ? | UK ARTISTS REACT TO BTS!!!

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39 thoughts on “BTS – MAMA Speech 2018 Reaction ? | UK ARTISTS REACT TO BTS!!!

  1. I actually had the incredible privilege of being there in person. When they gave their speech, they had their back to us , so we couldnt see who was speaking, and neither me or my friend can speak korean, so we didn't understand what they were saying. But as soon as we heard Hobi's voice crack we just lost it! Seriously though you could hear and see just how raw and real it was.

    I couldn't bear to watch subbed videos of it for at least a week after, and only read summaries of what they said. But this is what makes their music and their platform so powerful.

    They are so open and candid about their mental struggles and emotions, something that is especially important in Asia, where there is still a lot of stigma with being that open.

    My friend put it this way the other day: "I have to remind myself sometimes that they are celebrities, and not my best friends, because the things they share so openly, are things you only share with your closest friends, and not with the world."
    Their music and platform inspires because they lead by example and encourage their fans to pass it onto others.

    Its also encouraging to know that they put each other first, and would totally give it all up if the lifestyle was truly getting to be too much for anyone of the members.

    I hope you guys pace yourselves in a similar way with your creative projects. I've been away from youtube for a bit so I missed a lot of your uploads. I'll be checking up on them in the bext few days!

  2. In November something really serious happened with the guys. They were under attack for 2 weeks because of some mess dealing with Japan. They used the boys as targets and it backfired on Japan so much was going on at that time. This speech is when we learned that they almost broke up and man ARMYs were in their feels for a few days after this speech.

  3. RM and Kookie didnt talk in this speech and I believe that is because they would have both broken down. As an ARMY I watched the live stream as did a lot of others I know we were in a discord channel talking while watching and all of us ended up crying buckets of tears as we didnt realise just how much pressure they put on themselves at the beginning of 2018. We are all hoping that the pressure eases and that they realise we love them regardless. Even if in the future they disband I will support each and every member in whatever path they take in life as the main thing we want for them is to be healthy and happy. These guys have an amazing talent to touch people with their music and artistry and the world is a better place for having them in it.

  4. The pressure to succeed is immense… and they did it. Now what? They have to be bigger, and better, and not make a mistake… all of Korea, and a lot of the world is watching them. Some on their side, and some hoping they will fail. This hit ARMY so hard. It still makes me cry.

  5. 2018 was a difficult year for them and for us ARMY. With all the attention on them to do well and all the hate from people who want them to fail, it was a miracle that we managed to pull of 2 #1 charting albums in the US and all the opportunities they received like the UN speech, Korean Cultural Merit Award, BBMA, and the Grammy interview. I'm glad that last year was a turning point for them and their decision to continue their journey through music when a few years ago, that probably wasn't an option they considered. I hope that through these next few years, they can truly understand that we ARMY will never stop protecting and supporting them because while they're the members of BTS, they're also like our family that we'll never leave behind for as long as we live.

  6. So a lot of people were shocked and kind of saddened to hear for the first time that BTS had thought about breaking up, but I found it kind of natural. Even in 2017 they were getting crazy amounts of attention (when they first started truly taking off in America) and had super intense schedules and paparazzi. I don't know how much you know about the kpop industry but these groups have contracts and BTS' contract was coming to an end. The usual length of contracts is seven years. They had to make the decision to re-up or not. While having a rough time (even if things were technically going really well) and trying to decide what the next seven years of your life might look like I think it's really natural and healthy that they talked about all possibilities. They would have had to seriously and truthfully talk about the possibility of disbanding. It shows maturity in my eyes. Also the fact that all 7 DID resign for another 7 years is huge! Like Jin said, they found strength and decided to move forward together.

  7. I don't think I've ever subscribed after watching just one video but I did to you guys. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and conversation and sincerity. You seem like guys who automatically make me want to support you. And not just because of your kind words towards BTS who I love, but yeah…you just seem genuine and low key energy that I vibe with. Pretty hard to come by

  8. 우리 아미 모두가 놀라고 울었죠 그들이 해체하고 싶을정도의 고통 속에 있었다니 너무 충격적이었어요 ㅜㆍㅜ 미안하고 사랑한다???

  9. I think for simplicity it is enough to look at everything BTS done last year -2 korean albums, 1 japanese album, a world tour, a show RUN BTS, a show BON VOYAGE, solo projects, countless award shows, while posting almost every day on various social networks…it is incredibly too much …they must be mentally drained , all we cna do is show them love, support and beg them to rest at least a little bit.

  10. Everyone is talking about the pressure BTS is under, but we also have to remember their personal struggles too. Seeing V so upset reminded me that he lost his grandmother in 2016, his grandfather in 2018 and his best friend, who committed suicide in 2017. That alone is such a hard thing for someone so young to handle, especially as his grandparents raised him for 14 years. Who knows what personal issues BTS had, on top of their issues as a group? Thanks to good support from friends, family, BigHit, ARMYs and of course each other, the boys rallied and signed a new 7 year contract, and did so 1 year before the old one expired. That speaks volumes. BTS remains humble, respectful, caring, diligent and determined to work even hard, with every award they win. They are role models to everyone and yet always pay their respects to their seniors AND juniors, no matter who they may be. Truly there is no other group like them in the world. They are 7 fine young men who anyone would be proud to have as sons, friends, mentors, etc and even those of us who can only be with them via their social media, performances, etc, feel so proud and honoured that they came into and have enriched our lives. They truly are angels.

  11. Besides the obvious shockwave this speech sent through all of ARMY, this is the third year in a row they won Artist of the Year at MAMA. It was history the first year, for being the first group from not one of the big 3 to receive it, it was history again the 2nd time for being the only artist to receive it 2 years in a row, so it was history yet again for the 3rd win in s row.

    The speeches of the latest award shows have been brighter, speaking of how they’re working on their new album.

  12. Muchas gracias chicos me encanta mucho como ve a los chicos BTS no es un grupo normal ellos son único aprecian mucho lo que hacen y a sy querido ARMY
    I LOVE ??

  13. The pressure they have is INSANE.People have very high expectations for bts. They represent Korea as the biggest boy group and they basically carry the whole Korean music industry(literally , they have outsold the 3 big companies)Bts themselves have said that when things go beyond expectation,it's scary.
    As a fan I know some of the pressures they've been through .The most intense one was definitely when there was tension between Japan and South Korea-November 2018- and the Japanese media (plus the western media who didn't bother to do some research before and were adding fuel to the fire) literally blamed BTS for it.BTS were under fire.Then we had Japanese Imperialists who took advantage of the situation using bts and spreading false rumors (they photoshopped the "classroom idea" flag that bts and seo taiji were holding to make it look like a nazi flag).It may sound unreal, but that actually happened, and I was so stressed. Well, they failed because bts fans already had the real photos lol.
    ARMYS (Including Japanese armys who filled a whole stadium some days after and sang a song in the stadium to comfort bts members) started the WHITE PAPER project. The white paper project is a project made by army to educate the world (mostly the fans) about the controversy that bts were dragged into by the japanese right wing groups and the background between korean and japanese tensions. It went pretty well plus nobody expected us to come with such a serious project and they didn't expect that japanese fans were going to support bts in the most impressive way. AH…also, we started the #ProjectBuy23 .With the #ProjectBuy23 initiative, ARMY sent a 2016 album cut to No. 1 on the Billboard charts (we charted a song that bts wrote for armys in 2016 lol).I’m still proud of #ProjectBuy23 and the way this fandom responded to hate with the most positive flex of all time, now forever a #1 Billboard record.
    Eventually, the western media apologised and informed that the tension started way before and that it had nothing to do with bts…well, the Japanese media didn't apologise (obviously) but at least they learned that they messed with the wrong group. OTHER ARTISTS GET DATING RUMORS WHILE WE WERE LITERALLY FIGHTING AGAINST JAPANESE IMPERIALISTS AND STUDYING JAPANESE HISTORY .WE AIN'T THE BIGGEST AND MOST ACTIVE FANDOM FOR NOTHING lmao ? JSJSJSHGDH

  14. Everyone cried watching this speach… Twitter was a mess for a few days after that ?
    Even other idols from different groups cried listening to this speach. There is such pressure on idols being perfect; and since BTS are currently at the top; and not only the top of Korean idol industry; but on top of worldwide industy that pressure is even bigger since EVERYONE is watching their ever move and analizing their every word, just waiting to bash them for every mistake…

    I personaly wouldn't be able to take that pressure. But like BTS said; they are 7 brothers so they are eachothers support and I think that is they thing that still gets them going and why they decided to sign with Bighit for another 7 years

  15. Not only were they brave enough to share their struggles with ARMYs, but the fact that they chose to basically tell the rest of the public as well about the effect of the intense pressure they were feeling is very telling of who BTS is as a group. They value their fans like family, and want to share, and be as open and honest with ARMY as possible. They truly respect those who are in their corner.

    And also, the fact that a few months ago, it was announced that they had signed on for another 7 years under Big Hit goes to show how (going through) 2018 really changed their perspective, lifted their spirits and inspired them, and ultimately gave them hope for the future of their career. And ARMY will continue to be by their side. ALWAYS.

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  17. They are always grateful to army and always promise to work harder, but what needs to be kept into perspective for this speech, is that their contracts were due for renewal. They had a very heavy year, with both good and bad, fandom again at its strongest and contract renewals to finally get out and do something different or stay together. So it would of been an extremely tough year for them.

  18. every time if i see their Speech of first win at Music Show, Music award, first Artist of the Year Award and this one, first Concert Speech, Tour End Concerts Speech, then i lost
    I feel their blood, sweat, tear, fear, pressure
    I hope, all Armys would support BTS forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. But hey! If you want to watch what BTS usually do in award shows, you can watch BTS being crackheads. They not serious in these formal events at all. I'll give the link below 🙂

  20. They mentioned the pressure they were feeling at the start of the year in their Festa last year. Here is the video: This is from bangtantv so you are safe from copyright strikes. It has english subs too. I believe this drinking session they had brought out their worries since this was filmed in the 1st quarter of 2018. They didn't know then that they will have 2 #1 albums this year and that they will be soaring unimaginable heights. It's a very long video you don't have to react to it but if you can please watch it in your own time ?

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