Bright and bold: Neon makeup trend is here to stay

Chrissy Teigen recently made a serious style statement — all in neon. The America model-TV personality was seen flaunting neon yellow eyeshadow that complemented her matching bright yellow outfit. Back home, actress and makeup artist Vaibhavi Jagdish’s social media feed is a visual library of bold neon hues — ranging from blue and pink to yellow and tangerine. Neon, no doubt, is the colour of the season!
“Right now, eye makeup is witnessing a revival of the 80s’ makeup trend, which was all about neon and maximalism. That has made a comeback in a huge way, and people are not shying away from experimenting with these bold colours,” says makeup artist Ghazal Chengappa. According to Vaibhavi, this trend is preferred by today’s women because they are no longer sticking to the usual Indian skin-tone palettes such as pink and brown. “They are all for trying bold colours — both liners and lip shades. And for me, colours speak louder than words,” she adds.

Having said that, it would be wise to exercise caution while picking these bold shades of makeup. “This works only when the entire look comes through. And to make something stand out, the rest of the ensemble needs to be subtle,” says Vaibhavi.

Elaborating a little more on that, Ghazal says, “Nude or glossy lips go really well with any bright eye makeup. It also gives a visual balance.”

Experts also advise to start simple. “Beginners should ideally opt for coloured kajal pencils or graphic liners; start with really thin lines and then gradually progress to thicker lines.”

Tips to ace the neon look…

  • Try to visualise the look before you start off
  • Make the colour stand out
  • Blend it well
  • Create a shade to intensify the look
  • Keep your lips, cheeks makeup and hair style subtle
  • Have fun with it. Wear the neon look with confidence

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