Briana DeJesus: My Baby Daddy Has the Clap, So Watch Out, Y’All!

briana dejesus on mtv

Hey, remember Luis Miguel?

Honestly, we understand if you don’t. Dude was only on Teen Mom 2 for about five seconds after he got Briana DeJesus pregnant.

Still, even though you may be more familiar with him as the MIA father of Briana’s second child, Stella, he’s not out of the picture.

Anyway, we’re talking about Luis on THG today because Briana just brought him up again. And what she had to say … well …

At least now it makes a little bit of sense that he’s staying away. From her, and hopefully any other young woman looking to date.

What do we mean? Buckle up.


Briana is a single mother of two girls — she’s got her eight-year-old daughter, Nova, and then there’s Stella, who turned two a few months ago.

Oh Hey, Devoin

Oh Hey, Devoin

Nova’s father is Devoin Austin, and honestly, he’s not a super active dad. It was only this year that Briana allowed him to spend time with Nova outside of her home, and it went so badly that she didn’t allow him to see Nova for a while.

… And Luis

... And Luis

But still, he’s way more involved than Luis Miguel, Stella’s father.

Such Romance

Such Romance

Briana became pregnant after a drunken hookup with Luis in a club — she wasn’t dating him or anything, she’s said that the only reason she got pregnant was because she got too drunk and made questionable decisions.

Making It Work?

Making It Work?

After she found out she was pregnant, she and Luis sort of attempted a relationship. It did not go well.



She did consider having an abortion, but Luis did not approve — he wanted to raise their child together.

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