Bloodshot: The Newest Superhuman, Biotech Killing Machine in the World of Cinema from Comics

Bloodshot (1)

The genre of comic book inspired superhero movies is dominated by Marvel cinematic universe for the past 10 years and in the last decade of MCU dominance we have seen almost everything possible, with Avengers Endgame being the pinnacle of it all. So success of any new attempt in this zone completely relies on the uniqueness of the project and what new it has to offer to already superhero fatigued audience. From that perspective David S. F. Wilson ‘s directorial debut ,Vin Diesel starrer Bloodshot does well.

Bloodshot is from Valiant Comics and is about Marine Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel), who with his wife is killed by terrorists and brought back to life using nanotechnology by an organization RST and turned into a superhuman, biotech killing machine.

It’s a simple narrative told creatively. In first few minutes of the movie you experience every superhero origin movie cliché possible, from crazy comical villain to death of a loved one. At this point like me you may start to wander away from the plot but wait for the first big reveal and when it will happen, things will get exciting to the level that you will definitely stay connected till end. And that’s the winning element of Bloodshot. Narrative makes clichéd moment in first few minute appropriate for the plot in a very genius manner.

Another important aspect of a superhero movie is the action and here Bloodshot struggles to make a mark. We are so used to of bright, wide angled, crisp action sequences from MCU where you can fully experience and enjoy each and every punch, that when you get action like Bloodshot which is very 90’s pre Matrix era inspired, it just doesn’t impress. Here we have fast paced action shot with shaky cam, with close shots, except for the climax action sequence where things follow the usual pattern for a bit , so if that’s your style of action then you may enjoy it as well. Also overall feel of the movie is very low budget and when I checked, it turns out it is. When average Marvel superhero film budget is around $180 million ,Bloodshot is made with only $45 million (as per Wikipedia).

For Bloodshot I haven’t seen any trailers or didn’t know about the comic book storyline aswell so the surprise elements worked well for me. I will suggest don’t explore the storyline if you plan to go for this one. A well knitted crisp screenplay with exciting characters pulled down by mediocre action, making it a one time watch.

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