Blac Chyna Caught in Bizarre College Fraud Scandal: WTF?!

blac chyna all made up

In an attempt to rehabilitate her brand and image, Blac Chyna wants fans to see her as a good person and a responsible, mature person. A mom.

To that end, her team announced that she was taking a Harvard Business class. They even produced an acceptance letter.

Except that it turns out to be part of a huge scam. Did Chyna just want in on all of those Lori Loughlin headlines?

Blac Chyna’s team tells TMZ that she’s going back to school.

And not just any school — she’s taking an online class with Harvard Business School.

“Where I’m at now is a stage of realization and growth!” Chyna shared in a statement.

“I want to be great,” she affirmed. “For myself and my kids.”

Chyna explained: “School is going to help me take things up a couple of notches.”

Blac Chyna Goes Blue

“People are always talking about me,” Chyna correctly observed.

So she says that, while they’re at it, they “might as well talk about the good.”

“I’m excited for the next chapter,” Chyna expressed.

The course is called Business Analytics and would involve a substantial investment of time.

Chyna would be devoting at least 40 hours to the class over the course of 8 weeks.

Blac Chyna on the Gram

That sounds great!

And Chyna even showed off an acceptance letter that, at the time, appeared to be legit.

But, when TMZ reached out to Harvard, they told them on no uncertain terms that it’s all a load of baloney.

“Harvard Business School Online has not admitted nor provided an acceptance letter to a person named Angela White,” Harvard shared.

That would mean that the acceptance letter is a total forgery.

What kind of game is Chyna playing?

The Blac One

It turns out that this mad scheme comes courtesy of a PR firm and Christian Emiliano, who refers to himself as a “Social Media Renaissance Man.”

The deal: you pay them $3,250 and they take an online course for you.

Ultimately, you have to take a test, but they will provide you with a study guide.

They’ll even snap a photo of you in a Harvard graduate gown.

The idea is that you can add credibility to your brand or even just pad your resume by taking credit for the course.

Blac Chyna Lipgloss Be Poppin'

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting.

Chyna’s team responded initially by acknowledging that they had seen Christian Emiliano’s pitch.

After some consideration and soul-searching, they say, Chyna opted to just take the course herself.

That’ll knock $1,000 off of the price, but also might help her actually pass the test (a study guide is only so useful, right?).

But Harvard is totally disavowing her, and when asked to explain that, Chyna’s team abruptly ghosted TMZ.

Blac Chyna Curls Up With a Bear

Recently, Blac Chyna made a post that attempted to distance herself from her past behavior.

She spoke about personal growth, change, and being a better person.

There are a lot of ways to improve your brand and convince people that you’re more responsible and mature.

What appears to be a college fraud scandal, even if this one doesn’t involve actual crime, is not the way to do that.

We would all love an explanation for why Chyna’s team and Harvard are telling different stories.

Maybe there’s an innocent misunderstanding behind all of this … somehow. …

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