Bird Flu: 5 Best Vegetarian Sources Of Protein You Can Try

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These are some sources of protein for vegetarians.


  • Bird flu has been detected in 11 states across the country
  • Some people are avoiding consumption of poultry
  • Take a look at some vegetarian sources of protein

The bird flu outbreak has been tracked down to 11 states across India. States are setting up their own response teams to monitor the situation and restrain it from further spreading. Although the WHO has said it is safe to eat properly prepared and cooked poultry, many people are avoiding chicken and eggs temporarily. This is a significant change especially when it comes to the protein content in the diet. Protein is one of the most fundamental nutrients which the body requires for multiple reasons. We have found some vegetarian sources of the ‘building block’ nutrient which will help fulfil the daily requirement of the nutrient.

Here Are 5 Best Vegetarian Sources Of Protein To Try:

1. Soyabean

A 100 grams of raw soybean contains up to 36 grams of protein as per the USDA. The legume can thus fulfil up to 72% of the daily requirement of protein. You can use soybean in a number of ways, whether as a delicious Soya chaat or even a satiating soya curry.

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Bird flu: Try making healthy and delicious soybean chaat. 

2. Paneer or Cottage Cheese

One of the most-loved vegetarian ingredients, paneer has an immense fan following. The humble dairy product can contain up to 14 grams of protein in a 100 gram serving as per the USDA. Its versatile nature can make it fit for a whole range of toothsome dishes.

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Bird flu: Paneer can be cooked in a number of ways. 

3. Chickpeas and lentils

A wholesome, fulfilling bowl of lentils or dal is all you need to get yourself your daily protein requirements, or so our mothers and grandmothers would say. Science backs their claims, as a single cup serving may have up to 18 grams of protein. Chickpeas are a great way to fulfil the protein requirement, with 39 grams of the nutrient in a single cup.


Bird flu: Chickpeas contain surprising quantities of protein. 

4. Quinoa

The crunchy grain is replete with good nutrition, but did you know it is also a wonderful source of protein? A 100 gram serving can contain up to 14 grams of protein, as per the USDA. This makes quinoa a must-have for vegetarians. How about trying some interesting quinoa recipes for dinner?

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Bird flu: Quinoa can be a great way to stock up on protein. 

5. Nuts And Seeds

Not many are aware that nuts and seeds are actually stocked up with plenty of good protein. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and even chia seeds are wonderful storehouses of protein and can easily help you fulfil the daily nutritional requirement.



Bird flu: Nuts and seeds are a healthy snack with loads of protein. 

So, stock up on your protein with these yummy vegetarian sources and stay healthy and fit.

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