Bipasha Basu And Karan Singh Grover Kickstarted The Weekend With “The Best Gujarati Thaali”

bipasha basu and karan singh

Anyone who follows Bipasha Basu on social media knows what an avid foodie she is. The actress, who also loves to cook delicious dishes every now and then, was recently treated with an authentic Gujarati meal. The 42-year-old actor visited her friends’ house with her husband Karan Singh Grover and shared every glimpse of their house-party. But what remained the most interesting was the meal she devoured there. Bipasha also gave us sneak peeks into the lavish meal the couple savoured. The actress captioned the post, “The Best Gujarati Thaali”, and put up a sticker that read, “Yummy.”

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In a short video on her Insta Stories, Bipasha Basu also gave her fans a closer look to the foods she relished. We could see a well organised dining table, with different types of delicacies beautifully placed on it.

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We can spot roti, dhokla, gravy sabzi, unndhyu, dal dhokli, curd raita in the frame. Bipasha’s cheeky caption went as, “The rest of the items didn’t fit my Thaali.”

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Karan Singh Grover, too, shared the snap with the message, “Thank you so much for the yummiest food and such an awesome evening.”


Are you too slurping like us? If yes, then we have a surprise for you. We bring you a list of classic Gujarati recipes that will make weekend binge a delicious and lavish affair.

Here are some of the easiest and fun recipes of Gujarat-special food that will satiate your taste buds. Take a look.

1) Uundhyu

Any Gujarati thali is incomplete without this popular curry. It is filled with plenty of veggies including fenugreek, brinjals and surti papdi. It also gets the flavour of bananas. The spicy mix is best when served hot with rice.

2) Gujarati Kadhi

The tangy and creamy kadhi can be someone’s favourite in all seasons. It has the goodness of curd blended with gram flour. The sweet and spicy kadhi with lots of coriander leaves will make you want to ask for one more bowl. You can have this kadhi with rice or roti.

3) Vagharela Chawal

Next time you are confused about what to do with leftover rice, you have a mouth-watering option. Vagharela rice is a type of masala fried rice, very common in Gujarati households. The delectable recipe has caramelised onions, sugar, spices, cinnamon and cardamom primarily.

Well, as the weekend is here, you can give all these recipes a quick try. Do let us know your favourite one.

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