Biography on Lee Child coming soon

Heather Martin is writing a biography of the famous Jack Reacher author.

Lee Child is the pen name of James Dover Grant who has written several bestselling thrillers. He is best known for his Jack Reacher series that now has 24 novels and some short stories and novellas. It is estimated that a Lee Child Jack Reacher novel sells every nine seconds somewhere in the world according to the publisher Little, Brown. He’s written other stand-alone works of fiction as well.

His biography will be called ‘The Reacher Guy’ and, according to Martin, it will dwell on “how the boy from Birmingham became the strongest brand in publishing,” as reported by The Bookseller.

Heather Martin has worked at Cambridge, King’s College London, Hull, and City University as a teacher and researcher. She said in a tweet, “The only problem with writing the #biography of @LeeChildReacher is that he keeps on doing and saying stuff. Much of it contentious, all of it gripping.”

Lee Child said, “I met Heather Martin some years ago, and we started talking about why people love telling and hearing stories. To get more depth and detail we started talking about why I do. Eventually I said, ‘If you want to really get to the bottom of it, you’re going to have to write my biography.’ So she did. It was a fun and illuminating process. I had forgotten a lot, and it was fascinating to be reminded. Now it all makes sense,” as reported by the Bookseller.

‘The Reacher Guy’ will be published by Constable.

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