Big Brother Recap: Tyler Ruins His Game!

tyler crispen exposes an alliance

Big Brother continued to limp to the finish line with its latest episode, and there’s not a lot of action. 

The episode kicked off with Tyler and Christmas on the block and scrambling to remain inside the most popular house on TV. 

Cody, for some strange reason, continued to have all of the houseguests under his thumb. 

Nicole thinks he’d take her to final two, and the same can be said for Enzo and Memphis. 

The only outliers at this stage are Tyler and Christmas, and there’s a division between the people who want Tyler and Christmas out. 

Strategically, Tyler should be evicted, but Christmas is a bit of a wildcard, and could potentially win the next HOH competition. 

Enzo is going between the two sides and playing them against each other and managing to not be a target. Ultimately, that should bode well for the jury. 

Tyler Crispen

Unfortunately, Cody is playing the better game because he manages to win competitions. 

Enzo may feel like he is making big moves, but he’s making moves that benefit Cody and Nicole in the long run. 

Anyone will want to take Cody to the final two because she’s a former winner who has won a grand total of zero competitions this season. 

Tyler and Christmas both admitted to each other they wanted to be the final two, but at this stage, it’s impossible. 

Tyler Cries on Big Brother

Tyler schemes with Enzo and exposes the Committee to get a vote, but little did Tyler know that Cody had already told him about the alliance. 

Tyler is an excellent player, but now that his allies are diminishing, he doesn’t have much pull in the game. 

He will also struggle to get jury votes from Da’Vonne and Kevin for his actions in the house, so there’s that. 

The veto competition seemed like a cheap version of the BB comics, with houseguests tasked with creating a story with pictures. 

Enzo and Nicole struggle, but they did not perform as badly as Tyler, who maxed out his time. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

Cody, unsurprisingly, wins another competition, solidifying his nominations for the week and guaranteeing Enzo and Nicole a spot in the final five. 

Cody’s target for the week was Christmas initially, but Enzo opened up about Tyler spilling all about the alliances, and Cody starts to change his mind. 

Could Christmas survive the block? It sure seems likely, but things can change on a dime in the Big Brother, so either one of them could go. 

What did you think of the veto results? Are you bored of this terrible season?

Abbott, Christmas

Hit the comments. 

Big Brother continues Thursday at 8/7c on CBS. 

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