Bhumi Pednekar finds a new way to spread awareness about climate conservation among the youth


Bhumi Pednekar is a fierce advocate of climate conservation. She runs an initiative named Climate Warrior that nudges the youth to stand up for environment conservation. Bhumi is present on Giphy, a popular American online database and search engine known for making and sharing animated images, or GIFs, and her climate skewed content has crossed 1 billion views on it. 

Bhumi’s GIFs have the highest number of views in comparison to Greenpeace which has about 105mn views and the United Nations with 172mn views. Her GIFs are top featured GIFs under various subjects of Climate, Sustainability and Environment. Bhumi aims to create more awareness by using platforms like GIPHY which appeals to the youth.


Talking about the same, Bhumi said, “Climate conservation has become the most important focal point of conversation in the world and I have to thank the youth of the world for uniting on this. They have made this happen and inspired so many others to come forward and speak up. The fact that Climate Warrior GIF’s have crossed 1 billion views means the youth of the world have found them useful to raise their voice for climate justice.”


She added, “It is a huge moment of happiness for me because my social media advocacy platform Climate Warrior has resonated with so many people across the globe. It is really amazing to know how these assets have become tools in the hands of the youth to tell the world how urgently we need to save our planet and all animals who have an equal right to live on earth.”

Bhumi Pednekar

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