Bhagyashree’s Yummy Indian Food Diaries Include These Desi Delights

Leading a celebrity lifestyle is not easy. Apart from being subjected to constant media scrutiny, they have to meet certain standards to stay in the limelight. Among those requirements is keeping themselves in red-carpet-ready shape, and that comes with a lot of hard work and discipline. One such celebrity who always inspires us with her lifestyle is Bhagyashree. Though the actress is a fitness enthusiast, she likes to indulge in a variety of treats from time to time. If you follow her on Instagram, you would be aware that she keeps her online family updated with her gastronomic adventures.

From salads to full-fledged meals, we have seen Bhagyashree relishing everything that her heart desires. Recently, the actress had a delicious lunch and we know this from her Instagram Stories. She shared a small clip with her followers and we can’t get enough of her yummy experience.

In the short clip, we can see garlic and coriander naan along with two bowls of curries kept on a plate. One bowl had some delectable palak paneer while the other was filled with dry peas curry cooked in a pool of spices. Bhagyashree captioned the image, “Lunch”, and added the hashtags, “asli maza”, meaning “real fun”, and “Indian food”. Indeed, desi food fills Bhagyashree’s heart with happiness.

Take a look:

Bhagyashree frequently travels to different places and loves exploring various cuisines. She was in Hyderabad a few days ago and shared her food experiences from the city. The first thing she opted for in the morning was a cup of hot coffee and uploaded its photo on Instagram Stories. This coffee post was followed by a plate of sumptuous paneer tikka full of spices. There was some salad as well on the side accompanied by a green chutney. That was her lunch for the day. Take a look at it here.

Bhagyashree also believes in beating the mid-week blues with some desi food. At least that’s what her Instagram Stories showed some time ago. She had shared a photo of a Gujarati thali that featured a number of lip-smacking dishes. Her platter had khandvi, patra, puri, aloo matar sabji, shrikhand, and many other dishes that satiated her Gujarati food cravings. It was a treat given by her friend Bunny Shangvi. Read more about it here.

We love how Bhagyashree is so vocal and expressive about her culinary choices, especially desi food.

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