Betabiyan Movie Review: Weak Storyline Proved to be Fatal for this Simple Love Story


One questions, is it a bad film, then answer is no it is not, it is a weak film, a very weak film that could have been better. This film is an attempt to follow a classical Pakistani filmy era, during that age even a very simple love story can could have pulled the audience including families, but the problem is that the era which we are talking about is long gone.

Betabiyan is a story of a daughter who lost her mother during pregnancy and her father raised her with the help of his college friend, a friend who never bother to marry as she is actually sacrificing her life for the child and also because of the love of her life.

In short, Niggi (Hiba Ali) loves Hassan (Babar Ali) however he married to another girl who lost her life during childbirth. So Hassan and NIggi decides to take care of that girl Nida (Saima Baloch).

Just like every other Pakistani film, the title has nothing to do with the story of this film.

Despite several errors, the film has good music and this is something which can pull the audience towards the cinema if (and it is a big if) we had cinemas that still sells tickets at Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.

Betabiyan has 2 love stories running simultaneously, and at the same time it also tries to break certain taboos when a daughter wants her dad to marry again.

For it was nostalgic to watch Babar Ali on a silver screen and I have to admit that he hasn’t lost his charm. Even though the script itself not offering anything to him.


Babar Ali played a quite person who has lost his wife and now lives in fear, he wants well for his daughter and the situation made him quite an introvert, his calm character reminds me of his film Miss Istanbul. Babar Ali acted well, and never tried extra hard to push his boundaries.

Hiba Ali, being her first film looks charming, however, there was certainly no effort made for her styling and wardrobe which could have resulted in a better outcome. It seems that the director has asked her to play a typical woman straight from Star Plus including her almost same style sarees throughout the movie.

Saima Baloch performed well in few songs as she specializes in dance. Her acting also fine as it didn’t require much effort however the role demands to cast a much younger girl which she tried her best, however something one can’t help. This is a typical Lollywood style and it still carrying on.

The biggest disappointment is the hero of this film Zain (Syed Arez) who fails to make his mark even in a single frame. The weakest link in the entire cast. He never even tries act, he has no dancing skills and he never looked in control of this simple character. I must say that had the producer choses a different hero the film outcome may have been different. He sometimes looks hilarious (in a bad way) but irritating most of the time.


Javed Shiekh and Saba Hameed did only a cameo in this film so there is really nothing to talk about their characters as parents of Zain.

Betabiyan is a very simple romantic film that has relatively better music. It has 8 songs and still it only runs for 2 hours which must be appreciated.

Betabiyan is not a bad film like I mentioned earlier, it is very simple and sometimes you feel it is too simple perhaps.

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