Best Pizzas In Chennai: 7 Restaurants That Serve The Most Authentic Pizzas

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Home-delivered food has seen a metamorphosis of sorts since 2020 and the pandemic. Many of us have grudgingly adapted to our favourite restaurants’ boxing meals and delivering at our doorstep leaving us to recreate the finer dining elements and experiences at our dining table or couch. But there’s one dish that has always been on our delivery radar even before the disruptions and lockdowns; pizza. Pizza delivery has been around forever, even before global chains like Pizza Hut or Domino’s arrived in India and before delivery aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato simplified home delivery. While some of Chennai’s first local movers and homegrown pizza brands have not stood the test of time, there’s a whole new wave of pizzerias that continue to bring cheer and delicious pizzas to your doorstep.

From deep-dish pizzas to thin-crust pizzas, gluten-free and vegan options coupled with a wide range of toppings, Chennai’s new-gen pizzerias are a welcome addition to the city’s eclectic home dining scene. 

Here Are 7 Restaurants That Serve The Best Pizzas In Chennai:

1. Ciro’s Pizzeria

Best pizza in Chennai: Ciro’s Pizzeria

Now in two locations in Chennai, this true-blue Italian style pizzeria has been getting a lot of Instagram love. Their thin-crust pizzas are packed with a choice of toppings and exquisite cheese, including Scamorza, Parmesan and Mascarpone. The Sicilia with black olives and sun-dried tomatoes and the fully-loaded Inferno that combines Italian sausage, bacon and pepperoni are among their standout pizzas. 

2. Ox and Tomato


Best pizza in Chennai: Ox and Tomato

Positioned as a New York-style pizzeria, the Ox refers to mozzarella cheese while Tomato is a standard base for all pizzas. Hence the name Ox and Tomato. While their pizzas are their bestsellers – try the Super Five (with five varieties of seasonal cheese) and Bee Sting (their twisted pepperoni with red chillies and honey), the menu also includes a wide array of pasta, salads and gourmet sandwiches.  

3. Fat Boy


Best pizza in Chennai: Fat Boy

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Are you a tomboy or a gully boy or would you rather be a stud boy? We totally dig the quirky names for the pizzas at this pizzeria. I’d rather be a smoky boy though – mozzarella, chilli chorizo, blue cheese and jalapeno come together in one of their most popular pizzas that you can wash down with a choice of refreshing lemonades. 

4. Malt’s Pizzeria


Best pizza in Chennai: Malt’s Pizzeria

As far as backstories go, very few pizzerias in Chennai are a match for Malt’s. Meet Malt, the Labrador, who is the face of one of Chennai’s only pet-friendly neighbourhood pizzerias. We’re sure Malt would approve of the Fromage pizza that brings together fresh buffalo mozzarella, pizza mozzarella, parmesan cheese, gorgonzola and feta. Their classic pepperoni is equally fail-proof.

5. Tuscana Pizzeria


Best pizza in Chennai: Tuscana Pizzeria

Tuscana has remained one of Chennai’s preferred Italian dining destinations. Their tiramisu and panna cotta seldom disappoint but it’s their thin-crust pizzas that top the delivery charts.  We’re partial to the Siciliana with aged mozzarella, feta, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pesto. Seafood lovers usually gravitate towards the Frutti di Mare (seafood) pizza that includes fresh prawns and calamari.  

6. Lola’s Pizzeria


Best pizza in Chennai: Lola’s Pizzeria

Their tiramisu is a bestseller and so are their wood-fired pizzas. These pizzas score with their rustic appeal, foolproof packaging (replete with clear heating instructions) Regulars usually recommend Marco Polo that blends prosciutto ham with artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms and black olives. The Estiva pizza with smoked mozzarella, caramelised onion, feta and artichokes is also worth checking out. Lola also offers vegan pizzas. 

7. Ciclo Cafe


Best pizza in Chennai: Ciclo Cafe

India’s first cycling-themed cafe is a tribute to Chennai’s long-established traditions as a bicycle manufacturing hub and the city’s ever-growing cult of cycling enthusiasts. The pandemic hasn’t slowed down the routines of the city’s cycling groups, while the pizza ovens at Ciclo have been busy as home dining takes centre stage. The mixed meat pizza is just what you need for your weekend pizza cravings while the gluten-free veg pizza with pesto sauce is popular too. 

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