Asian Foreigners on Japanese People

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There’re very few videos showing real voice of Asian foreigners (from Asian countries) about Japanese people and living in Japan. It was quite difficult to find …

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45 thoughts on “Asian Foreigners on Japanese People

  1. To foreigners who want to work in Japan,
    I've worked for 2 companies in Japan, French company and Japanese company. I saw an absolute difference between "Expats(comes from head office)" and "Non-expats(just hired in Japan)"
    If you worked as expats, you must be respected like a company president. You don't need to follow the strict work rule. You can come back home without over-time work.
    But if you were hired as non-expats in Japan, you must be treated as a SLAVE. You must follow it and work for long hours at less wage.
    Most Asian workers in Japan should be the latter so making that decision requires understanding the risks involved.

  2. Japanese seem to be very close minded about food among other things. I think part of it is the idea (for example) that 1) spicy food is no good for children so as parents we must protect children by not giving or allowing them to have spicy food.. With this mindset, Japanese grow up never having experienced spicy food so when the do eat it they hate it cause they're not used to it. And 2) "We're Japanese so we should eat shoyu and miso (for example) cause its the natural food of the Japanese environment and thus best matched to Japanese physiology." This contributes to the ideology of Nihonjinron (theories of the perceived differences between differences between them and the rest of the world and that Japan and the Japanese people are better than other nations/people) like "Oh if I can eat it then it's good, and if I can't then it must be inferior".

  3. Hi Nobita, I used to be a fan but stopped watching after your political beliefs started surfacing in 2018.

    I have seen your apology video though, and it was nice but i also think you have a ways to grow still. I will say that I think you need to chat with this other political youtuber named Vaush, only because he's very good at rhetoric and optics- both are things i think you need a better understanding of especially when making content. Above all else, hes very truthful and can give good insights to american systems of opression from a more logical perspective.

    I hope you take this advice and reach out to him, because I may not be a fan of you anymore but i still like to see people do better. peace! ✌?

  4. Im curious, Ask Indonesian about living in Japan, because by default they're different each other or diversity (asian, austronesian, melanesian and mixed race etc) in their own country.

  5. I’m a Filipino… I’m currently in the US I am planning to go and stay in Japan and back to the Philippines vice versa more than I would spend time in the US after I finish College here… I hope Japan and Philippines by that time would have a great relationship and will have more openness to each other not only as a country but also the it’s people… I hope all asian countries develop good relations

  6. I am from philippines, and ive been to japan, my experience is quite more positive than those 2 persons philippines getting interviewed, i dont know but i guess they tend to just compare things in negetive point of view rather than positive ?

  7. + many beautiful place, nice n polite people, clean, great culture, ramen, wagyu, jav, a lot of shrine

    – almost everything are expensive, japanese kanji

    Greetings from Indonesia ??

  8. Nah !!!in terms of job? Japan is prolly the country at the bottom of my list. Man, i just can’t seem to imagine myself working 12 hrs a day that’s just to stressful.

  9. Japan is the best country I’ve ever visited. And it’s the best country I’ve ever lived in. So far, Japan is the best for me. The Netherlands (Holland) is pretty good too but everyone is so much taller than me! Lol!

  10. こんにちは!チャンネル始めて発券しました。いつか色々の宗教について動画を作ってくれませんか?例えば日本に住んでいるムスリム方たちのチャレンジとかいいこととか。

  11. Thanks for this video Nobita. We don't hear much on Asian foreigners in Japan so it was nice to see what they had to say. This video definitely paints a a better image of what people think and quells that belief that people push online that all Asians (of all types) are treated badly in Japan no matter whether they look Japanese or not. I know discrimination can occur but people online make it seem like every Asian in Japan will face discrimination in the country all the time. It's good to see some quality Asian content being produced by Asians on YouTube.

  12. 今まで、三年二ヵ月しか日本に住んでいないけど絶対にアメリカに戻りたくないよ。やっぱり日本語がちょう難しいです。日本語で日本人と喋れない寂しくなる。問題は言葉の壁ですね。本当に、日本人は英語であまりしゃべれないけどやっと日本人は優しくて、手伝ってあげる本人が多いです。

  13. 7:12 Uh no. You go to Japan, you adjust to their language. Not the other way around.
    That said, most countries should become more english-friendly. Whether you like it or not, it's the only language most people from different regions can communicate together with.

  14. Forgive me but the Japanese seem to be the most judgmental people when it comes to appearances.
    I'm a Filipino, yet I have a sharp, nose from my hispanic side, so people mistake as an Iranian and look at me like I'm a terrorist. I even get angry glares from time to time in public, the one that says "I will kill you." This also happens outside Japan, that's how I know someone is Japanese is to read their faces upon seeing mine.

    I remember when I was in Comiket, a security staff look at me angrily before announcing that there's a security threat and people should be more careful.

  15. The worst judicial system in the world. They hate foreigners, as they have done since the Shogun times. All foreigners locked up for minor offends, are forced to a guilty plea under psychological torture. In Japan you have to prove your innocent. In real democratic countries, the prosecution has to prove your guilt, quite a difference. The conviction rate in Japan for the prosecution is 99%. It is a samurai honour to break people to force them pled guilty. A sick nation, do not visit!

  16. The nice thing other Asian countries like China bring to
    Japan is the Corona virus..hope Japan be smart and close the airport for Chinese people for the sake of everyone…

  17. These foreigners have yet to work at a more corporate level. I have heard horror stories of discrimination and prejudice to anyone who is not Japanese from real people. What they find uncomfortable barely scratches the surface

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