Arjun Kapoor is not happy about the trolling around Panipat


It is the age of social media. With various platforms and minimal regulations, people sitting behind screens misuse their freedom of expression to bring down public figures and spread negativity. Falling prey to a bout of trolling after the release of the trailer of Panipat, Arjun Kapoor was dragged into many memes. While the actor always takes jokes in his stride, he wasn’t happy with the turn of events this time around. 

Talking about the memes and comparisons going around with regards to his looks and the premise of the film, Arjun reacted, “I don’t mind if people make fun of me, but if you are making fun of the film, then you are making fun of people, who have sacrificed themselves for India. I have done a roast and made fun of myself. I am used to people making fun of me. But it is unfair to crack jokes on historical characters, on martyrs. We should not forget the sacrifice these men made.”

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun has been candid about his views on trolls and has several times taken them down with witty responses. We do respect what he has to say this time and agree with the actor. 

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