Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Smoked Meth While Pregnant! And is on Drugs Now!


Things really had been too quiet on the Andrrew Glennon-Amber Portwood front over the last several weeks, hadn’t they?

That’s what we thought, too.

Thankfully, Glennon just went ahead and made rather loud news in court, alleging illicit drug use against his former lover and the mom of his young son, James.

So here we go again, folks…

Ever since Amber was arrested on charges of domestic violence in July 2019, the Teen Mom OG star and Glennon have been locked in an ugly custody dispute.

After agreeing to a plea deal, Portwood has been trying to rebuild her life and fighting to spend more time with the aforementioned toddler, dragging his dad hard in the process.

She even implied last month that Glennon had abused the three-year old.

Andrew denied this charge, and has now gone on the legal offensive himself.

Amber, Andrew Glennon

In a new court filing, Glennon wrote that he suspects his ex-girlfriend may be using meth, a drug Andrew alleges he saw Amber partake in back in the day, as well.

According to papers obtained by The Sun, Andrew says Amber has a “history of substance abuse, even while pregnant with and subsequently caring for the minor child herein,” a strong accusation the Teen Mom OG cast member denied in her response.

However, Glennon points to an incident on October 16, 2021 that caused him to believe Portwood wasn’t in a proper state of mind.

During an exchange of poor little James, Glennon said in court that the MTV personality was “acting erratically, speaking frantically, and appeared completely paranoid and disheveled.”

Amber, James, and Andrew

These legal documents continued to allege:

“[Amber] went so far as to allege that two nearby vehicles were ‘staking her out’ and waved down Petitioner/Father as he was leaving with the minor child to ask him to tell the individuals in the nearby vehicles to ‘stop’ staking her out.”

To be clear, we’re not saying for sure here that Amber was on drugs at this time.

But Glennon says he has “witnessed Amber under the influence of illegal drugs previously, specifically methamphetamine,” and therefore has a reason to think she’s smoking this substance once again — based on how she was acting two weeks ago.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback

Glennon explains in the papers that Portwood’s October 16 behavior was “substantially similar to that which he has previously witnessed.”

Andrew also cited a video Amber posted to Instagram recently in which her pupils “were very dilated to the point that the public commenters were noticing.”

Now? In response to these concerns?

Glennon  is demanding Amber “immediately submit to a hair follicle drug screen.”

Andrew Glennon with Amber

Days after Glennon submitted these documents, Amber issued a formal reply.

“Mother has exercised her parenting time with the parties’ child without any incidents regarding any type of substance abuse,” it reads.

Through her lawyerr, Amber explained that she is still on probation from her 2019 domestic violence arrest against Andrew and is required to submit random monthly drug screens.

She has never failed any of these tests, Amber insists.

Silly Andrew Glennon

Portwood concluded her official response by asking the court to reject Glennon’s request, writiing:

Mother denies adamantly the allegations made in Father’s Motion and believes that a hair follicle test is unnecessary due to her history of negative drug screens and continued requirement to submit to same

Mother further states that Father’s Motion is nothing more than yet another attempt to paint Mother in a negative light.

Mother verifies that she has not used any substance, except for prescription medication taken within the therapeutic limits.

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