Anda Palak Bhurji Recipe: How To Make Eggs Spinach Bhurji

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There are so many different dishes you can prepare with eggs. From omelette to boiled eggs and scrambled eggs, we get many options every day to fix our breakfast menu. While most of the egg dishes land upon our breakfast spread, there are some dishes that can be enjoyed for other meals of the day too. Anda bhurji, for instance, can either be paired with toasted bread for breakfast or can be had as a sabzi with roti for lunch or dinner. Anda bhurji is already a nutritious meal in itself, chock-full of proteins and vitamins (especially vitamin D3). But we thought of making it extra healthy by adding palak to it.

Anda palak bhurji gives an exciting twist to the classic anda bhurji, making it greener and healthier. Palak (spinach) comes loaded with minerals like iron and magnesium. It amps us the energy level in the body, thereby, making this bhurji a powerful energy booster. Have this anda palak bhurji for breakfast with bread or for lunch with roti, paratha or naan, you will surely enjoy your meal.

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Spinach adds in its many health benefits to a meal.  

Anda Palak Bhurji Recipe: How To Make Anda Palak Bhurji At Home

The addition of spinach doesn’t make the cooking process of bhurji any more difficult. It’s still just as simple. After sauteing onions and tomatoes with common spices, just add chopped spinach leaves and cracked eggs, and cook them together. So if you are making the bhurji of 4 eggs, add a cup of chopped spinach leaves. If you don’t know how to make a yummy anda bhurji, here’s the step-by-step recipe that you must try.

If you feel like experimenting a little more, you can also sprinkle the dish with some cheese. In fact, paneer (cottage cheese) can also replace cheese for a healthier option. With, or without cheese, this anda palak bhurji is not the one to miss if you love eggs on your plate.

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