Anand Mahindra Sparks Off World Cup Of Sunset Photos On Twitter

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Anand Mahindra’s post was flooded with reactions that showed different sunset views. (File)

Picture-perfect sunsets can amuse almost anyone under the sun. From amateur mobile photographers to professionals, everyone has tried their hands to capture sunsets across the world. Of late, social media has been inundated with sunset photos from Mumbai. Reason? The recent showers cleared the Mumbai skies and gave some spectacular views. Also, thanks to industrialist Anand Mahindra, his tweets about sunsets in and near Mumbai have sparked a trend among social media users. Now, there is a line-up of stunning sunset images on his tweet thread.

On Tuesday, Mr Mahindra tweeted, “A few days ago, social media was inundated with pics of Mumbai’s clear post-shower sky and spectacular sunset. Never too late to join that bandwagon! Pic on the left was apparently somewhere in Alibaug. A Rothko painting (on the right) come to life – or is it the other way around?”

Users on the microblogging platform couldn’t help but react with more photos of Mumbai’s clear skies.

Here’s a snapshot of a sunset from Bandra, Mumbai.

Another user posted a photo of a “perfect” sunset over the sea. The warm hues and the fluffy clouds make this photo look enigmatic.

Mr Mahindra’s post was flooded with reactions that showed different sunset views from different parts of the country. Seeing the huge response to his tweet, the chairman of the Mahindra Group wrote, “Whoa! This is turning into a ‘World Cup’ of sunsets. All teams/entries welcome, in that case!” Along with this, he retweeted a sunset postcard from Hubballi, Karnataka.

Here’s a collage of photos that a user posted from Delhi.

Mr Mahindra’s tweet elicited reactions from as far as Darjeeling. A user posted images from the popular hill station and wrote, “For me, mountain sunsets are slightly better than those on the beaches.”

Here’s another sunset image from the Himalayas.

Sunset images from Goa’s beaches also flooded in. Here’s one of them:

Photos from abroad also flanked the comments section.

A user posted a throwback sunset snapshot from Cambodia and wrote, “Sunset anywhere is a gorgeous time of day, whether the light is reflecting off a city skyline or you’re watching the last rays shine out over the ocean. “Silhouettes in the Sunset in Cambodia” Circa 2015.”

Here’s a photo of Sydney’s sunset skyline too.

Mr Mahindra retweeted some of the photos on his Twitter page. Here’s one of them:

This “world cup” of sunsets is turning out to be a beautiful sight for social media users.

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