Anand Mahindra Compares Dosa Maker To A Robot, Find Out Who He Thinks Won

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Industrialist Anand Mahindra said he was tired by just watching the incredible skills of a man making a masala dosa at a shop. But he also said he was feeling hungry too. He shared the video of the man and said the speed with which he was making the dosa can make robots “look like unproductive slowpokes”. The video shows a man cutting a dosa into pieces, placing them in a platter, and throwing it to another man standing on the other side of the Tawa. And he does it repeatedly with impeccable finesse. The industrialist often shares interesting posts related to food just like this on social media.

“This gentleman makes robots look like unproductive slowpokes… I’m tired just watching him…and hungry, of course,” said Mahindra.

Watch the video here:

True to what he suggested, many users appeared to be in awe of the man’s dosa-making skills and showered praises on him. The video has received more than 2.4 million views. While one user felt that the person catching the dosa “on the plate is just as amazing”, another said it was akin to “flying dosa”.

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A third user loved the dosa maker’s “swag”, while a fourth compared the man catching the dosas to MS Dhoni, who doesn’t miss anything.

The man being shown in the video Mahindra shared on Twitter, initially appeared in February in another longer video on Instagram. The Instagram handle where the video was posted said that the dosa shop was in Mumbai’s Dadar area. It also compared the man with superstar Rajnikanth, saying he served the dosa “like a boss”.

Watch the video here:

After watching these videos, if you are in the mood to eat some masala dosa, fret not. We have the recipe for the popular south Indian dish, which you can make easily within the comforts of your home. Click here for the recipe for masala dosa.

The dosa is usually served with coconut chutney and sambar, which includes yellow lentils, mustard seeds, and a number of vegetables. It is eaten during breakfast but it can also be had as a quick lunch.

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Dosas are easy on the digestive system, a great source of carbohydrates and proteins, and low on fat.

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