Amritsari Kulcha, Onions Kulcha And More: 5 Stuffed Kulcha Recipes That Will Amp Up Your Meal

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When it comes to Indian cuisine, our minds instantly think of all the heavy gravies, buttery sabzis, and those crunchy fried snacks that we can never get enough of. But when indulging in all these various delicacies- the one thing that binds the entire meal together are the Indian breads. From roti to naan to paratha, an Indian meal is never complete without these side breads. However, while there is a wide variety of breads to try, the soft and delicious kulcha is a popular choice among most of us. This flatbread is well-known in the country’s northern regions. It has a soft texture from the inside with a bit of char on the outside. However, if you want to amp up the taste of your plain kulcha, then it is time to make some stuffed kulchas! Here we bring you 5 such recipes of stuffed kulcha to try!

Stuffed Kulcha Recipes: Here Are 5 Recipes Of Stuffed Kulcha You Must Try

1. Aloo Kulcha

Of course, the first on the list had to be the delicious aloo kulcha! After all, who can resist that spicy stuffing of mashed potatoes and dip them in our gravies? We certainly can’t! This aloo kulcha is a simple recipe that requires only a few ingredients. You can quickly make this when you want to amp up your plain meal.

If the sharp taste of onions makes your tongue tingle, then this onion kulcha is a must-try. It is made with chopped onions tossed in spices and filled inside a kulcha. This recipe has a slightly different taste from other kulchas because of the crunchiness and sharp taste of onions.


The grilled paneer kulcha can be considered a complete meal in itself, as it combines both bread and paneer to create a delicious dish. This kulcha recipe is best served with spicy chutney and pyaaz to enhance the flavour. This dish is simple to prepare and appeals to people of all ages.

4. Beetroot Kulcha

You can serve this beetroot kulcha with raita, chutney, chane, aloo ki sabzi, or any other curry you like. This kulcha tastes just as good as other stuffed kulchas and adds some nutritional value to your meal. Plus, in winters, making use of the seasonal produce is a must!


5. Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari kulcha is a crispy, true blue Punjabi delight. Onion, ginger, green chilli, coriander, anaardana, and lemon juice are combined with potatoes and packed into this amazing kulcha, which is stuffed generously with all things flavourful!

Try these delicious stuffed kulchas today and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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