Amber Portwood to Andrew Glennon: I’m Coming for Our Son!

amber portwood with young son

Amber Portwood is prepared to fight.

Just not with a machete this time around.

But it still sounds like Andrew Glennon should prepare himself for a newly-vocal and passionate Portwood in his life.

On Monday of this week, the Teen Mom OG veteran was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and second baby daddy after he allegedly refused to grant her parenting time with their two-year-old son, James, this past December.

About 18 months earlier, Portwood was arrested for domestic assault against Glennon.

She was accused at the time of attacking Andrew (while he was holding James) during an argument on July 4, 2019.

According to Glennon, Amber hurled a shoe at him and then tried to break down a bathroom door — behind which Glennon and James were cowering — with a machete.

Amber, Sort of with a Mask

Portwood agreed to a subsequent plea deal and will likely avoid jail time as a result.

But she’s currently on probation and Glennon was granted primary physical custody after Amber pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in late 2019.

She’s remained pretty quiet on social media for several months now, but is set to argue in court that Glennon went MIA this past Christmas… after previously saying that Amber could spend time with James.

He tried to ignore Amber’s attempts to pick James up.

According to the terms of their custody arrangement, Portwood does get to have her son during various holidays, as long as the pair agree ahead of time.

Amber, James, and Andrew

“Amber is in a much better place than 2019 and 2020,” a source close to Portwood told E! News late this week.

“She’s ready to fight for her son and get her life back.

“This legal situation is a setback of course but she wants to continue on a positive path.”

Amber Portwood Premiere Pic

Amber is currently asking that Glennon be held in contempt of court for failing to follow their court-ordered custody schedule.

She’s also requesting that the parenting time she lost be “made up” later this year, according to court papers obtained by The Sun.

The case is pending and the tandem’s next hearing is set to take place virtually on January 19.

Neither Amber nor Andrew has commented on the latest development.

Amber, Andrew Glennon

Portwood was granted the restraining order weeks after she filed a legal motion against Glennon just before Christmas. 

She alleges that Glennon also denied her access to James in December 2019, despite the aforementioned arrangement.

“Andrew tried to do it again [last] year,” the source tells E!.

“He was trying to take James to California for the holidays and he went into their co-parenting calendar and changed the dates.

“Amber’s lawyer threatened to again hold Andrew in contempt and ultimately Andrew didn’t go to California and Amber got to spend time with James over Christmas after all.”

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback

What a mess, huh?

To be clear, and contrary to previous reports… Glennon did not end up traveling with James this past December.

However, Portwood believes her ex still “violated the court order” by “not engaging and complying with the parenting coordinator,” according to this insider.

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