Amanat Ali talks about his love story


Popular singer Amanat Ali tied the knot with Sarah Amanat in 2017 and they are blessed with a baby girl. Amanat Ali shared how he met his wife, Sarah and how they got married. He shared:

“My marriage was arranged plus love. I saw her at a friend’s wedding and I knew her through common friends. I met her at the age of 16 and next year we got married.”

“I had a group of friends in which there were some models and actors, Maya Ali was in it too. So, in that group, my wife’s cousin was a part of it too. At that time when we posted group photos on Snapchat so my wife used to be my old fan. She used to see her cousin’s post and got impressed that she hung out with Amanat Ali.” He further shared, “In 2016, at the wedding of our friend she came from Canada and I was there too and we met there. Within a month, it all happened because we involved our parents.”

Talking about best qualities of his wife, he said, “She is fun-loving, respectful, and has jolly nature.” Amanat Ali said, “On 14th February we went on a dinner and there I proposed her with a ring and she said ‘yes’.”

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