Aloo Palda: The Himachali One-Pot Meal Is A Soothing Treat From Hills You Must Try


  • Potato is a super versatile veggie
  • Potato can be used to make range of snacks
  • Potatoes are also easy to work with

Our collective love affair with aloo (or potato) is no strange fiction. From North to south, east to west, you will find a gamut of potato-based snacks, mains and desserts that almost always become the talking point of any spread. The fact that they are so easy to work with also makes it one of our favourite vegetables of all times. Who would say that India was completely alien to the tuber up until 17th century? Yes, it was the Portuguese who introduced us to the potatoes and the rest they say is history. The tuber boggled the minds of chefs across the country who looked for opportunities to sneak it in dishes or come up with new ones if the old ones did no justice to this delish veggie.

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Somewhere, at some point, the tuber also arrived at the Northern part of the country and was taken very well by the settlers here. Aloo Palda, a Himachali comfort dish made with yogurt, potatoes and a bunch of warm spices is a fine blend of all things soothing and hot.

The rich yellow-looking stew is of a creamy thick consistency. The simple preparation also contains the goodness of onions, ghee, cardamom, cinnamon, hing, cumin seed and rice, making it a rich and irresistible one-pot dish that we cannot get over. 

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Potatoes are everybody’s favourite

Aloo Palda Recipe:

This aloo palda recipe is ideal for the upcoming nippy weather. It has just the right kick of flavours to elevate any boring spread and a mellow quality that prevents it from being too over the top.
To trick to make it more dense and amazing it to eat the ghee, cook the spices, then the onion and then the potatoes. The cream or yogurt and ground rice come towards the end. Let it cook enough till the gravy comes to a boil.


Click here for the full step-by-step recipe of aloo palda. 

Garnish with a coriander leaves to add a zest of freshness and serve hot. The wholesome vegetarian dish is bound to impress you to the core. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it.

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