Aloo Dal Tikki: The Quick And Tasty Solution To Your Hunger Pangs (Video Inside)

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Tikki is a dish we just cannot get enough of. Whether it’s a street-style Aloo Tikki or a crispy Beetroot Tikki, a flavourful Matar Tikki or a homemade Veg Tikki – our quest to try all kinds of Tikki recipes is simply insatiable. The moment you get hunger cravings at odd hours, Tikki is a recipe which is a go-to. Simple and easily available ingredients are combined to form dough that is grilled or fried as necessary. If you are as obsessed with Tikki as we are, here’s a recipe you have got to try. This Aloo Dal Tikki is the quick and tasty solution to your hunger pangs.

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When it comes to Tikki, Aloo Dal Tikki is an all-time favourite.

When it comes to Tikkis, the name clearly indicates the ingredients used. So in this case too, Aloo and Dal are the two major components used in the recipe. This crunchy Tikki is a class apart from the regular Aloo Tikki due to the addition of Chana Dal in it, which also makes it protein-rich and healthy. In fact, any Dal can be used in this dish as per your convenience and availability.

Also, rather than being deep-fried, the Aloo Dal Tikki is simply roasted on a Tawa with minimal oil. Could there be a healthier way to satiate your hunger pangs? We guess not!

How To Make Aloo Dal Tikki | Easy Aloo Dal Tikki Recipe

Start by tearing up a bread into shreds. Now add the boiled potato and Chana Dal. Mix in the lemon juice, coriander leaves, and powdered spices. Blend everything together and mix well with hands or with a spoon. A tight, tough Aloo Dal Tikki mixture should be ready. Take a small ball-sized portion from this mix and flatten it to form a Tikki. Fry both sides on a Tawa until it turns golden-brown. Serve hot with chutney!

For the full recipe video of Aloo Dal Tikki, head to the top of the article, else click here.

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