Aloo Chaat, Aloo Pakora And More – 7 Easy Aloo Snacks To Make At Home

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Potatoes may not have originated in India. But that doesn’t stop us from falling in love with them. Why shouldn’t we? These are among the most versatile vegetables that you can turn into an instant serving any day. No wonder potatoes are known as the fourth most eaten food in the world. If quick snacking is on our mind, potatoes are the go-to ingredients in the kitchen. Slice them into wedges, fry them into chips or simply mash and mix with other ingredients for crispy pakoras, potatoes can do it all. So, here are seven quick and easy snack recipes that use potatoes.

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1. Egg Potato Pakora

Give a twist to the regular pakora recipe by adding boiled egg yolk to mashed potatoes. Mix well and add this to hollow egg whites. Dip them in a spiced up batter and fry them golden and crispy.

2. Potato Skin Chips

Yes, potato skins are edible too. Instead of throwing them away, fry or bake them into crunchy chips and add preferred seasoning. That’s our new go-to snack.


3. Honey Chilli Potato

Have it as a snack or a starter. The honey chilli sauce and sesame seeds give rise to a riot of flavours in our mouths while we munch on the soft potato slices.


4. Laccha Aloo Sooji Pakora

Use grated potatoes and do not mash them for this recipe. Add the zing of onions and Indian spices and you have a plate of delicious golden-brown pakoras.


5. BBQ Potato Salad

If you love snacking on salads, don’t worry, potatoes can handle that too. We need boiled baby potatoes, spring onions, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and some more greens. Toss them in a bowl with BBQ sauce to make it yummier.

bbq potato salad

6. Aloo Ki Chaat

This snack from the streets of Old Delhi has travelled countrywide and yet, it never stops to excite us. The fried potatoes, the green chutney and the mix of onions, tomatoes and tamarind chutney remind us of the typical street food flavours.


7. Baked Potato Wedges

While fried potatoes can be the common craze, baked potato wedges can taste as good and easily nestle into our healthy food diet. Add a fiery taste to it by throwing in jalapeños and chilli flakes. 


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