Air pollution levels turn severe: Which is the best mask to use right now?


This is not the first time that we’re witnessing choking pollution levels, but with the virus continuing to pose a threat and a rise in other respiratory viruses as well, polluted air can, in fact, make matters worse. Be it indoors or outdoors, poor quality of air can actually make viruses stay suspended in the air, cause more rampant infections and make existing illness risk worse. Not just that, since pollution also tends to cause a lot of symptoms similar to cold, flu or even COVID, and make it extremely difficult to tell symptoms apart at once.

Further, since pollutants in the air enter our respiratory passages and irritate parts of our lungs, we can be vulnerable to catching ailments. Studies have also pointed out that while viruses can linger on in the air for long, and attack the body, pollution also increases the risk of catching COVID-19, and is capable of causing severity. While vaccination does certainly help, we can face a troublesome influx of respiratory viruses in the coming weeks because of the bad air quality we are taking in.

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