Air pollution levels rise: What you need to do to avoid pollution woes and falling sick, as per experts


Air quality levels are constantly on the decline and there’s more than one factor to blame. While there are rumours of a repeat lockdown being suggested, along with school closures, the pollution levels are extremely precarious for our health. More so, the symptoms are not just limited to itching in the eyes or coughs- pollution linked symptoms can be far more reaching, and impact vital health.

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While there are links being drawn to a more intense viral season fueled by pollution, people with respiratory issues and other preconditions can be acutely affected by pollution ill-effects. Congestion, breathing difficulties, allergies, worsening asthma, fever, headache could be possible. Therefore, while it is extremely important to minimize your exposure and use masks when you step out, there are additional measures which can be taken to curb one’s risk of falling sick from the nasty air pollution.

If you are at risk, we list down some measures to avoid falling sick, and avoid catching other illnesses at the time:

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