Air pollution: As AQI level turns severe, here are groups most at risk from pollution complications


Now, while itchy eyes, burning sensation, cough and irritation in the throat are some of the typical symptoms we associate with polluted air, air pollution is something which is a serious health concern, and causes long-term consequences, affecting vital organs. It’s also a condition which can worsen other pre-existing conditions, shown to cut down life expectancy, and doctors say that deadly pollution levels also pose a big threat for particular risk groups, making them vulnerable to poor health, hospitalizations. There can also be a higher precedence of heart attacks and cardiac ailments, caused by depleting air quality and pollutants which we inhale.

Not only is there an urgent and pressing need to keep ourselves safe, tackle air pollution from the root, but during this time, some patients and groups at risk should be extremely careful, so as to avoid problems from worsening. If you are one amongst the following, take utmost preventive care and caution:

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