Aiman Khan Gave An Insight Into Her Personal Life

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Aiman Khan is the most followed Pakistan Celebrity on Instagram with 6 Million followers, that makes her the most loved celebrity of Pakistan. People loves to see Aiman Khan on their television screens.

Aiman Khan got married to Muneeb Butt in 2018 and she became mother of an adorable baby girl last year. Like every other women Aiman Khan gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and even after giving birth to baby she faced post pregnancy weight gain which is quite usual. However, Aiman Khan got shocked everyone with her quick transformation. She lost a lot of weight in no time and she is not fat anymore.

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Aiman Khan in her recent interview shared how she manged to lose weight, how she spent her time while she was gaining weight. Aiman Khan also talked about the closeness of her baby Amal to Aiman’s family. Aiman Khan also shared that how helpful her husband is towards taking care of Amal. Aiman khan also shared that how important it is to build a healthy routine of baby.

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“After Amal I gained a lot of weight, Muneeb used to tell me that it is not a big issue, but I used to miss my old self, I just want to lose weight for myself,  thats why I have worked a lot for it. I have followed my diet plan strictly. Drunk black coffee. I Left Roti, Chawal, drinks and sweet things. Muneeb is very diet conscious so we used to cook diet food for us.”

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“Muneeb is not one of those typical men. It was very difficult for me to adjust after marriage into a new house. He is very helpful. He takes care of Amal like me. He is very loving and caring. He gives proper time to Amal. I think baby sitting is not the duty of mothers only. ”


“Amal is much too attached with Nani and Khala.  Amal thinks Minal is her mother.”

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“Baby’s routine is very very important. Whenever I sleep I always wakes up with Amal”

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