AIIMS doctor explains why breathing difficulty may not be linked with COVID-19​ Omicron variant


In most cases of the COVID-19, the virus multiplies in the lungs, leading to breathing issues. But in the case of omicron it is possible that the virus is multiplying in the throat. AIIMS’ Dr Punnet Musra, professor of community medicine, said that it is not uncommon for the variant of a particular virus to exhibit different symptoms from the original strain. The same is with the Omicron variant. This new strain of coronavirus does not cause breathing trouble like other variants, probably because it is not multiplying in the lungs. Due to this, the impact of omicron infection is minimal on the lungs. Also, from most of the places across the globe where the omicron variant is spreading it has been reported that the throat is getting affected, which proves that the variant is multiplying there.

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