A couple illustrates what pregnancy actually feels like in a marriage!

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Caring for the little one in the womb, anticipating the end of the 9-month long waiting time and finally getting to hold the baby in your arms, the journey is filled with wonderful moments of bonding for both the mom and dad to be.

Be it the race to get to the bathroom first or taking the better side of the bed, there is some moment which every parent to be can relate with. Yehuda and Maya Devir are one such couple who are currently experiencing these moments. The couple, who in the past went viral for showing the real side of marriage in their comic series, “One of Those Days” has opened up about another exciting experience in their life.

The couple announced on social media some months ago that they were expecting their first child together. Ever since they have been thrilled and waiting to welcome their bundle of joy! Their social media account is proof of the same. It also takes us through some of the real moments every couple experiences during pregnancy. Take a look!

Not only do the couple make a great team, but they also collaborate on the comic series. While Yehuda illustrates, his wife Maya adds other details like colour and typography.

The couple also added ever since they found it, pregnancy has made their relationship better, “The pregnancy time puts us in new situations we never imagined we would find ourselves in,” Yehuda said. “This experience shapes us very much and makes you see new and beautiful aspects of your partner.”

Like every proud dad to be, Yehuda was very happy and gave his wife the highest hug when he found out. In an interview, he mentions,

“It was the best news I’ve ever gotten,” he told HuffPost. “I hugged Maya the hardest I could.”

Like many mothers, Maya experienced some minor health issues during pregnancy but handled them like a pro, thanks to the great support system in her life. And not to forget, she also had some weird salt cravings!

She also credited her husband for being the best and says that he will make for the best dad.

“He’s the best there is! I’m not a spoiled person but Yehuda is for sure the most caring partner there is(sic),”

Yehuda had the same to say for his wife, adding that she will make for an excellent mother.

How adorable are these two? Parents-to-be, we are sure you will relate to them!

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