8 Silly Mistakes That Hamper your Efforts To Lose Weight

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Everyone dreams of having a slim and toned body, and we do put in our sincere efforts to achieve that. However, certain mistakes, most of them silly, can ruin our efforts and track us back, and stall the whole weight loss process. Weight loss is, no doubt, a huge task and involves a lot of hard work, so here are some points that would help you to work towards correcting these mistakes.

1. Giving up All Forms of Carbs:

In the race to lose weight rapidly, a lot of people give up all forms of carbs. It’s possible to go low carbs but quite difficult to give up carbs completely because carbs are there in a majority of vegetables, whole grains, and even fruits, and giving these food sources, would also mean that you would be compromising on nutrition. Eat a healthy diet, switch to a good weight loss diet such as the Rati Beauty Diet (on the Rati Beauty app), and lose weight as well as inches by eating the right kind of food and carbs.

2. Eating As Many Low Calories As Possible:

It’s a completely wrong assumption that you can lose weight by giving up on food. Everybody needs a certain amount of calories depending on the height and weight.  Our body needs certain calories to function properly and perform its daily activities smoothly. Going completely low on calories would mean that your body would hold on to the existing fat reserve and you would not be able to lose any significant diet. So, follow the diet plans on Rati Beauty to get the right amount of calories to get the body to burn fat.

3. Avoiding Cheat Days/Overindulging on Cheat Days:

We all are allowed to have cheat days on certain days to curb our cravings but over indulging in your favorite fast food on such days could ruin all your previous efforts. So, instead of having a full day dedicated to your favorite burgers and pizzas, i.e. a cheat day, go for a cheat meal. This way you can compensate for this by working out a little harder the next day. Also, do reserve a slot during the week to have a cheat meal because it is necessary to reset and boost a slow metabolism. It’s a good way to trick the body into let go of existing fat because more energy source is available now.

4. Moving But Only in the Gym!

People claim to be gym rats, spending 1 or 2 hours in the gym, but leading a completely sedentary lifestyle for the rest of the day, and wonder why they aren’t seeing any results. Of course hours of weight training, cardio and yoga will pay you off but slacking off the entire day won’t. So keep moving, get your own groceries, park away from your office, pay attention to cleaning and dusting your home, and do other household chores. The more active you become the more benefits you will see.

5. Not Making Lifestyle Changes:

Losing weight is not about eating low-calorie food and exercising like crazy, you got to make lifestyle changes – be active through the day, find ways to de-stress, and bring on positive thinking. Weight loss cannot be a short-term goal, it has to be incorporated as a lifestyle change.

6. Exercising Too Much:

Just like calorie consumption, every body needs a certain amount of exercising. You don’t need to sit at the gym for 2 hours on the first day of your weight loss plan. You can gradually add activities to your workout plan and stick to an hour of exercise in a day.

7. Sleeping For Less Than 7 Hours:

As we have mentioned previously too, you can do everything right, but the silliest thing to ruin your weight loss effort would be to compromise on sleep and get less than 7 hours of shut eye. Good-quality sleep is must to let your body rest and burn fat. It also gets to reset metabolism, correct hunger hormone levels, and stabilize stress and appetite hormones. So, do yourself a favour, and sleep tight at night.

8. Giving Up Too Soon:

Don’t compare your results to someone else’s. The amount of weight you gain or lose depends a lot on your inner systems like hormones and heredity. So instead of getting demotivated for your friend lost more weight than you in the same time period, focus on changing your routine and improving your diet. If you keep giving up every now and then, you will never be able to reach your desired weight goal, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. Also, don’t forget – you didn’t gain that much weight in a few day, so you can’t lose it in a few days either. Another mistake you make in your weight loss plan is giving up too soon. It takes months until you see results and you have to stay strong. If your weight loss plan is not working for 3 months then opt for a change. Till then, do not give up.

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