7th BJP MLA And Backward Caste Leader Dr Mukesh Verma Quits Party Ahead Of UP Polls

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Mukesh Verma, an MLA from Firozabad in western Uttar Pradesh, is also an OBC leader.


A seventh BJP MLA and backward caste leader Mukesh Verma quit the BJP today as exits continued for the third day from Uttar Pradesh’s ruling party less than a month before elections. Mukesh Verma posted his resignation on Twitter and surfaced at the home of Swami Prasad Maurya, who started the exodus.

Mukesh Verma, an MLA from Firozabad in western Uttar Pradesh, is also an OBC (Other Backward Class) leader like Swami Prasad Maurya and four others who have quit the BJP in the last three days.  

His resignation letter, mirroring all the others before, blamed the party for neglecting backward castes in Uttar Pradesh. But he went a step further by calling Swami Prasad Maurya “the voice of the oppressed” and “our leader”.

“The BJP government in the past five years did not pay any attention to Dalits, backward castes and minorities and disrespected people’s representatives,” Mr Verma wrote in his resignation letter.

“The state government has oppressed Dalits, backward castes. Farmers, unemployed youth and small and medium industries. Because of these policies I am quitting the party . Swami Prasad Maurya  is the voice of the oppressed and our leader. I am with him,” the MLA said.

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