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One of the biggest Bollywood trends of late is definitely choosing a Hindi song from yesteryear, often a huge classic, and remixing it for the new generation to jam to. Not only is it the quickest way to appeal to previous generations via nostalgia and to the modern generation through its hip sound, it’s also a surefire way to amp up some hype for your upcoming film. The technique isn’t always foolproof though. Many remixes just can’t hit the mark but there are a few that definitely have!

Check out our list of 7 best Bollywood remixes!

7. ‘Chamma Chamma‘ – Fraud Saiyaan

The original track for ‘Chamma Chamma‘ comes from China Gate and featured Urmila Matondkar. What is great about this remix is the revamped newness it brings to the much more mellower original. This is a track that is through and through meant for nonstop dancing.

Listen to the original here:

6. ‘Hawa Hawai‘ – Shaitan

Shaitan and Mr. India, the film from where the original ‘Hawa Hawai‘ is from, could not be more different movies. While the latter is a classic staple of Indian cinema with a feel-good vibe, the former is a dark and disturbing flick that is very much not family friendly. With that being said, the choice to remix ‘Hawa Hawai‘ for Shaitan ultimately works, as its cheerful and upbeat nature provides a sense of duality to the darker tone of the film.

Listen to the original here:

5. ‘Dilbar‘ – Satyameva Jayate

This remix of the original track from the film Sirf Tum is one of the most popular in recent Bollywood history. Presenting Nora Fatehi as the industry’s latest It girl, the video and song received tons of attention and replays.

Listen to the original here:

4. ‘Morni Banke‘ – Badhaai Ho

This remix of Panjabi MC’s 2010 hit ‘Morni‘ hits all the plus points of being a remix in that it remains loyal to the original while still being a fresh track suited to the newest generation of music. The beat as well as the lyrics are amped up with an even more intense dance vibe.

Listen to the original here:

3. ‘Aankh Marey‘ – Simmba

“Oh God, one more remix?!” What better way to start off a remixed track in a film as whacky and colourful as Simmba? Though the song by itself is super catchy and has the benefit of a fun and simple dance to go with it, the guest stars of the video totally make it what it is. The original track was in an Arshad Warsi film, Tere Mere Sapne, and so Rohit Shetty decided to not just bring in Arshad for the track but the whole Golmaal cast while they were at it. What we are left with is a video and a song that does not take itself seriously at all, which ends up being its best part.

Listen to the original here:

2. ‘The Disco Song‘ – Student of the Year

Though there were already plenty of remixes in Bollywood by the time Student of the Year‘s ‘The Disco Song‘ came around, it was definitely a trailblazer in making remixes of classic songs a key marketing trend. The nostalgia behind hearing the voice of the late pop princess Nazia Hassan struck a chord with many and the catchiness of the track definitely helped.

Listen to the original here:

1. ‘Hungama‘ – Queen

And now we come to number one on our list! While some may not see the remix of ‘Hungama‘ as the absolute best banger out of this list, even though it still has a great sound, what really makes this remix great is the scene in the film that accompanies it. Kangana’s character Rani has been left by her fiance Vijay when she impulsively decides to go on their honeymoon trip by herself anyway. She has reached her breaking point at a club in Paris and sobs about her troubles to her newfound confidant Vijaylakshmi, played by Lisa Haydon. But when she suddenly hears a Hindi song being blasted in the club, she gets on her feet and dances delightedly in a drunken stupor to a remix of ‘Hungama‘ from the 1973 film Anhonee. It’s the fun remix that’s perfect to dance away all your troubles to.

Listen to the original here:

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