7 Natural Remedies To Treat Sunburns

sunburn remedies

Sun protection is a must to prevent tanning and premature ageing, especially during summers. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection would help prevent damage to the skin, but if you have missed applying sunscreen long term and have ended up with sunburns, we would look into some home remedies that can alleviate the symptoms. In this post, we would explore natural remedies to treat sunburns and prevent sun-damaged skin in the long run.

What are the Signs of Sunburn?

Sunburn can also cause first-degree burn and happens when you expose your skin to harsh sun rays without proper sunscreen protection and you may have one or all of these symptoms:
1. Extremely dry skin.
2. Inflammation or redness of skin.
3. Tanning.
4. Feels hot to touch.
5. Mild pain.

Long-Term Consequences of Sun-Damaged Skin:

1. Wrinkles
2. Age spots
3. Loose skin.
4. Melasma.
5. Hyperpigmentation.
6. Freckles.
7. Uneven skin tone.

Natural Remedies To Treat Sunburns:

1. Apply Ice Pack and Cold Compresses: Cold compresses help to alleviate mild pain and soothe the inflammation. You can wrap an ice cube in a cotton cloth and gently press it against the affected area. Repeat this every few minutes and it will bring down the redness and inflammation.

2. Apply Fresh Aloe Vera Gel: Pure aloe vera gel helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and also speeds up the healing process. Aloe vera also moisturizes skin and repairs damage caused to the skin. It would be a good idea to refrigerate the gel 10 to 15 minutes before applying it on the to face.

3. Take ½ cup fresh milk and ½ cup sour cream. Mix them into a paste and rub all over the tanned area and leave it like that for about an hour. That will cause itchiness but you need to tolerate as this acts as a bleaching agent. This will lighten the tan to a great extent after 3-4 applications.

4. Take 2 cups of fresh milk in a bowl and 4-6 slices of white bread. Dip the bread slice in the milk and rub the slice as it is on the tanned area and keep on rubbing till the bread is shredded into small crumbs. Again the yeast in the bread acts as a bleaching agent.

5. Another thing which helps greatly in tan removal is yoghurt. You can use it on its own or by mixing a few things. Take 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, ½ teaspoon turmeric and one cup plain or sour yoghurt. Mix all the things and rub the mixture on the affected area. Once the sugar granules melt leave it like that for 20 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Remember not to step out in the sun after doing this as turmeric will make your skin yellow and that in turn after sun exposure will make your skin dark.

6. Oatmeal is one of those few things which come in handy for removal of severe tan. Take ½ cup oats powder, ½ cup sour yoghurt and 2-3 tbsp tomato/lemon/orange juice. Mix them and scrub the skin for a few minutes with this and leave until it dries off. Then wash with plain water. This can cause a bit tingling sensation because of the acidic nature of the ingredients but nothing bothersome.

7. Take equal quantities of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water. Mix them and store in a bottle. After washing your skin before going to bed apply this mixture in place of your regular body lotion and night cream to get rid of the tan. This should be done regularly. The lemon juice will help lighten the skin color, the rose water will provide adequate hydration and glycerin will make it soft and supple.

8. Soak two cups of rice in water overnight. In the morning drain out the water and make a paste in the grinder with adequate water. The paste should be of the consistency of a face pack. Store it in refrigerator. Before going to bed clean you face with your regular face wash and then take a spoon full of this paste, mix few drops of honey and few drops of lemon juice and apply evenly on the affected area. Let it dry and then pat the dried pack with water and scrub of gently in circular motions. Do this regularly and get a radiant, smooth and tan free skin. You can do the same by replacing rice with red lentils.

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