7 Natural Fat Burners That Work

Fat Burners That Work

Make no mistake – only through a healthy diet and with regular physical activity, weight loss can be achieved because this combination creates calorie deficit that pushes the body to reach for stored fat to meet its energy demands. But many people, in desperation to shed extra weight and get lean, tend to fall for heavily-marketed fat burner pills and appetite suppressant potions that tend to have side effects with questionable ingredients and efficacy. Since burning fat is the theme behind losing weight, it’s easy to fall prey to these marketing gimmicks. Instead of fat-burning pills, we would like to draw your attention towards food sources that have amazing fat-burning properties sans the side effects.

Natural Fat Burners That Work

How Do Natural Fat Burners Work?

1. By increasing fat metabolism.
2. Improve energy expenditure.
3. By impairing and inhibiting fat absorption from the gut.
4. Increase fat oxidation during exercise.
5. By increasing thermogenesis. (Read “How to Enhance the Effect of Thermogenic Foods to Lose Weight” in this post).

7 Natural Fat Burners That Work:

1. Caffeine: It’s the most common ingredient in commercial fat burners and that’s because not only does caffeine increase metabolism, it also mobilizes fat from fat cells. Caffeine is also considered a thermogenic compound which means that it signals body to burn more calories, sounds awesome, right? Caffeine also improves exercise performance. It also triggers the release of epinephrine which then signal fat cells to release fat into the bloodstream. Now, guess where you can get caffeine from – by drinking a cup of coffee! But do limit coffee/caffeine intake to just one or two cups a day, otherwise, it can cause dehydration and also interrupt with sleep pattern (and if you sleep for less than 5 hours, you would be gaining weight, not lose any). Read in detail “Why Caffeine is Good for Weight Loss?” in this post.
2. Green Tea: Green tea is the favorite beverage of weight loss advocates. Pure green tea contains catechins which boosts metabolism. It also has been found to stimulate body’s fat-burning process.
3. Chillies: The compound capsaicin found in chillies (red and green) increases heat in the body, through a process called thermogenesis, which burns more calories, and fat.
4. Eggs: The protein and healthy fat content in eggs boosts fat burning and weight loss. Eggs also keep appetite in check and increase metabolism as well.
5. Turmeric: With its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, this popular Indian spice, induces thermogenesis, boosts metabolism, and improves insulin sensitivity. In fact, drinking turmeric tea is one of the best ways to boost weight loss and fight belly bulge. Turmeric also reduce the formation of fat cells.
6. Ginger: Widely used in Indian cuisine, ginger suppresses appetite, induces thermogenesis, regulates blood sugar, and has anti-inflammatory properties – all of these properties combined make ginger a good fat burner.
7. Kelp: It’s a seaweed with high nutrient value, and thus considered a superfood. Kelp is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. There’s a compound in kelp called “alginate” that blocks the absorption of fat from the gut by a great degree, some studies say up to 75%. Well, haven’t we mentioned numerous times before how green leafy things are absolutely great for weight loss 😛 (14 Best Leafy Green Vegetables to Boost Weight Loss).


So, do place a great deal of importance on your diet and eat your way to weight loss. Do check out the Rati Beauty diet on how to lose weight by eating the right kind of food. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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