7 Little Known Reasons Why you are Gaining Weight Rapidly

Why you are Gaining Weight Rapidly

Have your pants gotten a little tighter around your waist recently? Have you been noticing love handles and subsequent climbing of numbers on the weighing scale? There might be more than one reasons behind the weight gain, but the good news is that you can lose weight by just dieting and being active. Do check out the Rati Beauty diet on the Rati Beauty app for more details. Along with that, here are little known reasons behind rapid weight gain so that you can eliminate them to stop further piling up of extra pounds.

1. Sandwich and Packaged Cereals are your Choice of Breakfast: It’s a huge misconception that cereals with heavy processing and dehydrated fruits are good breakfast options. A bowl full of packaged cereal though may taste delicious and effortless to make, it is usually loaded with sugar that spikes up insulin and increases inflammation – leading to building up of extra pounds. Ditto is the case with sandwiches made from white bread, which have empty calories and sugar. Instead of eating breakfast from a box, switch to traditional Indian breakfasts like idli, dosa, poha, eggs, etc.
2. You Spend Majority of the Day Sitting at your Work Desk: Are you spending an unusual amount of time, sitting at the work desk, slouching and staring at the computer screen? If yes, then of course, it’s the reason behind your weight gain. Health experts and fitness gurus have declared “sitting as the new smoking!” Tight hip flexors, neck pain, lower back pain, bad posture – sitting can do more damage to the body than you can think, but that’s not all, it can put one in the risk category of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. Additionally, an enzyme called “lipoprotein lipase,” which is responsible for burning fat, reduces its “fat-burning activity” by up to 90% when you spend most of your day at the desk, without getting up. If you think there’s not much choice and you do have to spend an insane amount of time sitting, here are “16 Amazing Ways to Stay in Shape When you Sit at Desk All Day.”
3. You Get Easily Influenced From What Others are Eating: It’s a fact that friends, family, colleagues can easily influence your choice of food. You have to stick to your diet, avoid getting influenced by peers, family, friends and make healthier food choices. Check out the weekly diet plans on Rati Beauty app for more details.
4. You Like Ordering Food from Apps: People who are extremely fit and health conscious advocate the importance of eating home-cooked, whole foods. They hardly order food from outside, do not rely on food-ordering apps for their daily meals, and reserve eating out for special occasions. It’s hard to avoid high-calorie food when we are bringing in food from outside; and cutting down the frequency will definitely have a major positive impact in your life, and help you to lose weight as well.
5. Working in the Night Shift: Countless cup of caffeine, fighting the body’s natural clock, low levels of melatonin (sleep hormone) – can all easily lead to weight gain. When you work in night shifts, you are working against the body’s natural clock, circadian rhythm, leading to change in the functioning of fat-burning hormones and metabolism. Research says that sleep deprivation can push people to eat more calories (sometimes even up to 500 calories extra) than those who get their mandatory 7 hours of sleep. Considering all of the above, we have listed down amazing weight loss tips for women working in night shift in this post – 10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Working in Night Shifts.
6. You Think Diet Soda is a Healthier version of Soft Drinks: To lure people calorie conscious people who are also trying to lose weight, companies often add the tagline “diet” before their product names; however, how many of them are actually “diet friendly” is a big question. Diet soda is one such example where people assume it to be a healthier alternative to their favorite calorie-laden fizzy drinks. Surprising, right? But it’s true! Artificial sweeteners do manage to spike insulin levels because our body cannot really differentiate between artificial sweeteners and real sugar. When insulin gets spiked, it sends the body into a fat-storage mode and all the extra calories would be stored into fat cells, leading to weight gain.
7. Obesogens Lurking in your Home: Unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are largely blamed for weight gain and obesity; however, unknown to many, there are factors called as “obesogens” all around us, particularly lurking around in our homes, that disrupt endocrine activities, hamper hormonal functions needed in the fat-burning process, and encourage body to store fat, leading to weight gain. Read about “7 Common Obesogens in your Home That Trigger Weight Gain.”

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