7 Delicious Dal Recipes That Can Be Easily Made In 30 Minutes


The weekday meal is incomplete without a delicious bowl of dal, some masaledaar sabzi and our choice of roti or rice to accompany it. This wholesome and soulful meal truly satisfies the body and the heart. But making dal can be a bit tedious sometimes. Preparing the masalas, cooking the dal, making the tadka, all these cooking preparations can be a bit time consuming, especially on a working day. What we need is a quick and easy dal recipe that can be ready without any muss and fuss. That is why we have shortlisted some delicious dals that are ready in 30 minutes. With these recipes, you can easily whip up a healthy and delicious meal, even on a workday.

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Here Are 7 Easy Dal Recipes Ready Under 30 Minutes:

1.Dhaba Dal

You have tried recreating the dhaba-style dal at home before and you have failed. But not today! Here’s that perfectly tangy, spicy and flavourful dal that swept you off your feet the first time you tried it at your favourite dhaba. Serve it with rice, roti or salad, and chomp away!

Click here for the full recipe of Dhaba Dal.

2.Dal Fry

Dal fry is one delish staple across all North Indian restaurants. Even if you happen to be a hard-core non-vegetarian, you do not mind a helping of this yellow dal with a red, fiery tadka.

Click here for the full recipe of Dal Fry.


3.Dal Tadka Without Oil

If you love indulging in the fiery flavours of dal tadka but steer away from dollops of oil or are trying to shed some kilos, we’ve got the perfect dal tadka recipe for you to try.

Click here for the full recipe of Dal Tadka Without Oil

4.Sindhi Tidli Dal

In Sindhi, ‘tidli’ means ‘three dals,’ that being chana dal, urad dal, and green chilka dal. These dals are blended and pressure cooked. It’s a hearty Sindhi dish that goes well with rotis or dodas. The tidli dal is enhanced by a rich tadka cooked with ghee and a strong taste of garlic and cumin seeds and asafoetida.

Click here for the full recipe of Sindhi Tidli Dal.


5.Urad And Chane Ki Dal

This is a lovely dal recipe to grace your everyday meals. Made with Bengal gram, black gram and mild spices, this dal is flavourful and delicious. Garnish with fresh cream!

Click here for the full recipe of Urad And Chane Ki Dal.

6.Langarwali Dal

What makes the langarwali dal unique is how simple the recipe is, yet it turns into one of the most luscious and velvety dal that you could dip your rotis into. The langarwali dal is served along with some soft rotis, seasonal vegetables, and some rice.

Click here for the full recipe of Langarwali Dal.


7.Ghiya Chana Dal

This ghiya- chana dal recipe is ideal for those who want to sneak more protein into their diet. Chana dal is filled with plant-based protein and a wide gamut of healthy antioxidants, add to it the goodness of ghiya and you have a rich, healthy and wholesome fare.

Click here for the full recipe of Ghiya Chana Dal.

Try out these quick dal recipes and let us know which one is your favourite!

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