7 Chicken Kebab Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes

A chicken lover just can’t help but drool at the mention of kebabs. After all, these crispy delicacies are delicious enough to make a foodie go weak at the knees. A blend of spices adds a burst of flavours to the chicken. Based on the recipe, certain other ingredients are also added to chicken kebabs. These ingredients often give an interesting twist to the texture and flavour of the kebabs. But there’s only one problem. Many people want to cook some chicken kebab dishes in their kitchens but worry that it’s a time-consuming process. Worry not. To save your time in the kitchen, here are chicken kebab recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes.

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1.Chicken Hara Bhara Kebab

A blend of spinach, potatoes and peas gives an unforgettable taste and texture to this chicken kebab recipe. You will be drawn to this dish by its vibrant colour and irresistible aroma.

Chicken Hara Bhara kebab has a unique green color to it

2.Chicken Shaami Kebab

Shaami kebabs are usually made from mutton. But try cooking it with chicken. You won’t regret it. Cook chicken cubes in chana dal and spices, and coat the skewers with eggs and chillies. Add mint to enhance the flavour of this crispy delight.

3.Chicken Gilafi Kebab

In this recipe, chicken keema is mixed with spices and lemon juice. Then, the keema is skewered and coated with chopped vegetables and coriander leaves. Bake it to perfection and enjoy.

4.Kadai Chicken Kebab Curry

Got some leftover chicken kebab at home? Prepare a scrumptious curry with it. The aroma of a host of Indian spices, the texture of curd and the juiciness of chicken kebab blend into this wholesome recipe.


Chicken Kebab Curry is delicious 

5.Chicken Malai Kebab

If you are craving a cheesy treat, cook some delicious chicken malai kebabs. Chicken cooked in layers of cheese, cream cheese and sour cream will blow away your mind.

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6.Chicken Boti Kebab

Turn a typical mutton recipe into a delicious chicken kebab dish. You’ll need gram flour or besan, spices and boneless chicken for this recipe.

7.Peshawari Chicken Kebab

Chicken cooked with the goodness of eggs, spices and pomegranate seeds results in a mouth-watering dish that you can’t miss.

peshawari kebab

Peshawari Chicken Kebab are rich and delicious

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